Who am i? Independence day contest


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A little competition for independence day :)
Can you guess who this person is? Or do you need hints? I will start out be giving some hints and on the 3. day i will post a picture of the person.
If this is not enough, i will post 2 more hints the next 2 days, so hopefully we have the correct answer by day 6.

Last chance to join in on this competition will be the Thursday the 8. July at 12:00

Now for the most important thing, the PRICES :-D

The first 3 persons to guess who this mystery person is, will get an Efficient fireworks container - 2500 fireworks every 23 hours
The next 7 people who writes the correct answer, will get a Fireworks container - 1250 every 11,5 hours

I have many names, but i would like to have my original name written none the less.

1. Clue: I lived back in 1837-1876 and was born in Homer (Now Troy Grove) Illinois, U.S.A and raised by my parents who smuggled slaves up north.

2. Clue: As 18 year old i ran away from home and got into the "British army". Here i met my future best friend, Buffalo Bill.


3. Clue: I have experienced a lot in my life. I have been a stage coach, Gold digger, Soldier, Spy, Gambler, actor, and not to forget, a Ladies man.

4. Clue: Once i killed a bear with my bare hans, because it was hindering me on my way. (Well actually i shot it first, but then it got mad and attacked me, and well then i used my knife to cut it in the side, but well, i was holding but items with my hands you know ;-)
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Well well.... A lot fo good-ish answers have been made, but none the less, the 2. clue has now been posted, in my first post ;-)


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Well i must say that this was surely too easy :-D

Wauw, so many already knew the answer from the first hint. Guess i need to up my game next time for something quite harder ;-)
Well thanks for guessing everyone.

As i have gotten enough answers now, i will soon pick out some winners and grand them some lovely fireworks for the 4th. of July :-D

Oh and if you did not guess it, the correct answer is: James Butler Hickok
Winners will be announced in this topic, so keep an eye out.


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Hello everyone, i hope those of the player base who celebrates 4th of July are having a lovely day.
And for the rest of the world, i wish you all a lovely sunday.

With the revealing of the names of those who have won in the competition i hope your day will get even better :p
So without further, here are the lucky winners. Congratulation to you all, and once again, thanks for playing.
The first 3 persons toget an Efficient fireworks container - 2500 fireworks every 23 hours IS....
luke cow walker

The next 7 people to get a Fireworks container - 1250 every 11,5 hours IS....
pankreas porfavor
Killer Bonnie

Once again. congrats to you all and thank you all for playing :)
To get your reward, write a ticket to support with info about where you would like to get your fireworks, so we can give it to you on the correct world.