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Introduce an option to open menu during fort fight when double clicking on the player icon on ff screen with following options: View profile, Whisper, Swap.

Current Workaround
If you want to whisper to someone during ff (for example to ask for swap), you need to find him in the chat list (or type tell <name>:), which may take a lot of time comparing to the length of a round (especially when you have a small screen or use a touchpad).

View profile
When you choose this option, a player profile will open. It may be useful when you want to see player's clothing or town or you want to send him telegram.
When you choose this option, a new whisper window in the chat will be created between you and the player you are whispering to. This may be important when you want to warn someone or give some instruction when he doesn't respond in fort chat.
When you choose this option, the automessage in fort chat will appear and the swap will be set automaticly (but just player who ask for swap, other must set it manualy). The player asking for swap will be highlighted on battle screen of player who has been asked for swap.
Example: Player A needs a swap. He finds a player B nearby who can swap him. He double clicks on icon of player B and chooses an option Swap. The system message SWAP B<==>A appears in fort chat so everyone knows about this swap request. The swap arrow A on B is set automaticly. Player B gets sound notification and the player A is highlighted on B's screen. Then he must set his swap target manualy (place arrow on player A). When swap is set, highlighting disappears and the arrow change colour to green (same as nowadays).

This idea make communication during ff easier, so players can focus more on ff.