Where Do You Buy/Sell Stuff?

Discussion in 'Questions & Guides' started by xbl4ze, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. xbl4ze

    xbl4ze Guest

    I cant figure out where you sell stuff or buy weapons :confused:
  2. Black Jack

    Black Jack Guest

    You can buy and sell items at the General Store in all towns except ghost towns.

    However, as of now, there is no town that currently has a General Store, so you're stuck with keeping your items in your backpack and relying on luck to find new ones while you're working on jobs.
  3. Does your backpack ever get full, or does it have an unlimited capacity?
  4. Black Jack

    Black Jack Guest

    Unlimited capacity.

    That in my personal opinion, is the best feature in any game ever. :D
  5. HarshOne

    HarshOne Guest

    How will we know when there is a General Store available?
  6. F-N-U

    F-N-U Guest

    its available now... you just gotta find it lol... as far as i know there is only one
  7. iKill

    iKill Guest

    There is one General store currently in Calamity creek

    however i advise you to hold onto your product items, as they may come in handy for quests later on in the game