What the Black Lives Matter movement means to me.

Tucker Blue

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BLACK LIVES MATTER IS A PROTEST MOVEMENT! Does it mean ONLY "black" lives matter? No, obviously not! If you went to a breast cancer fundraiser and everyone was wearing pink ribbons and clothing would you show up wearing all yellow saying "Yeah but Hepatitis C needs research and funding too!"? No you wouldn't. It doesn't mean they are completely unsympathetic to your cause it's just not the cause everyone showed up for. So why would anyone respond to the Black Lives Matter movement by saying all lives matter? Let's be honest, it's mostly caucasians saying it. How many caucasians were brought to North America by boat with no freedom and forced into slavery for hundreds of years? Yeah, none. Then how many caucasians were denied basic human rights as a whole right up into the 1970s? 1970s!!! Yeah, none. Also, in the U.S.A. the number of African people that have been killed by "authorities" while unarmed and non violent in the last two decades is staggering! Every time a caucasian says all lives matter I feel ashamed that I'm caucasian. Prejudice and abuse of African people is viewed by too many as "a thing of the past". If you're 50 years old, guess what? It was alive and kicking in your lifetime and still is! In 1969 it was illegal in the U.S.A. for African descendants to swim in a public pool with caucasians. Mister Rogers, yeah that Mister Rogers brought an African police officer onto his show in 1969 and they removed their shoes and socks and shared a child's plastic pool. One of the coolest things I've ever seen. I have nothing but the utmost respect for this movement and I wish the rest of the world did too.

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I don't care what Merriam Webster Inc. or Oxford says. There is only one race on this planet. The Human Race.
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