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what games do you play??


Hey i was just wondering wot games you play??
For example i play
This world 4 - lemz1993
ikariam world delta - lemz1993
runescape - lemz1993
legend of ares - lemz1993 :)


I used to play Ikarium Llamda.
Runescape- Acelancelot1
Metin2- Thrax
World 1, world 2- Royobannon
Combatarms- Colonelrico


dota - a.k.a. ca†ch me (LAN)
- (garena- angelaiah013)
the west- W2 , w3, w4 - angelaiah013

nodiatis *found it on an ad when i was still at tribalwars* - mralina013

spaceinvaders - felina013/ angelaiah013 *inactive*

do i have to count counter strike(catch me); Special force, FLyFF, RAN, Perfect World, audition, freestyle and PS games and gb games? i also play spider solittaire...


Nah my alias name shortened down is Red, me and Deja Vu no each other from another browser game known as tribalwars


Browser games? The West, Bill's Ranch, Lagoon B, Human Age, World of Dungeons


the west w1 w2 w3 w4 w5
top shift
midnight challenge
race kings
urban rivals
tribal wars w19 w21 w22 w23 w24 w25 w26 w28 w30
dark orbit
space invasion uni 1 uni 2
the pimps
dragon tavern

i just love browser games lol
lookin for other games like the west so if anyone knows any let me know


Hmm in terms of browser games, I have quite a long list dating back about 6 years ago.

Started with:

Runescape (the shame)

In more recent years I have played:

Travian (UK speed and s2)
Tribalwars (EN-7)
Gladiatus (S10)

Now I just play:

The West (World 5)
Renaissance Kingdoms (Munster, Ireland)

Usually have a few friends that play so we usually ally together.