What does an ingame character look like?


I was waiting for my football game to begin and decided to try my drawing skills. I am one of the worst people I know when it comes to drawing, but these actually make sense:


Gear: Fancy Felt Hat, Gray Tie, Sunday Clothing, Sandals, Rusty Muzzle-loader, Tequila.


Gear: Sombrero, Black Bow, Gray Waistcoat, Brown Spiked Shoes, Deringer.


Gear: Brown Top Hat, Black Tie, Fancy Dress Coat, Fancy Shoes, Bell Starr's Deringer, Harquebus.


Gear: Fancy Felt Hat, Brown Shawl, Yellow Checkered Shirt, Sandals, Sharp Foil, Tequila.

All of these are players from W12. I don't know any of them, just chose them randomly from the rankings and because of the difference in their clothes. So, how do you picture your guy?


So, how do you picture your guy?
Quadrupedal. Meow.

Your drawing is in fact not that bad.
True, the proportions are terrible, but everything you put in the picture is at least partially recognizable.

I'm not a drawer myself, I haven't drawn anything original for ages.
But I might be able to offer a couple of tips.

Firstly, stand up (at ease), and have a look at yourself (in a mirror).
You'll see that your legs are as long as the rest of your body, and your arm's length reaches down to about your thigh.
Also, your body should retain uniform width on the way down.

Secondly, I have D&D books, they have illustrations of weapons in them.
I don't think that swords are quite as long as they appear in the last picture, unless they're ******* swords.

Thirdly, as I just said, I have books with pictures in them.
It'd probably be wise to use pictures as references to help you draw more accurately.

Fourthly, I'll say it again.
Your drawing isn't bad at all. There's just a lot of room for improvement.


Nah, there is no salvation for me, I really am terrible. But with this pictures right here the effect is supposed to be comical :laugh:. If you look closely you might even recognize the items everyone is wearing.


I really love your pictures. Your drawing skills are great!

I were an artist before and I rate your pictures as comical and symbolic.

Art is a way of communication. How good or bad is depends on the viewer, so stop labeling yourself.

You don't need to improve nothing but keep drawing so that you may express more things more accurately. Supposedly you drew this from your imagination as you don't have direct reference for it.

For me, good artist can as well use his brain to be creative on his works.


I totally agree with the previous poster. The idea of what you are doing I find to be very cool. In fact, you've inspired me to do the same thing.

Here's a sketch of what I'm working on:

It's a group portrait of personalities from W11. Elmyr on the far left (best XP), then leaders in dueling, construction, fort fighting (kayakpaddler) and hiding. No real rhyme or reason, just felt like drawing those folks after seeing this thread and your idea.


I am glad you people liked my freakish drawing. There is something nice about it. :razz:

orgo, keep working on that one. All I can say is this is pure awesomeness. I can only wish to have 1/10th of your drawing skills and still feel good about it. You are putting a lot of detail into every character and they are extremely realistic. Will definitely want to see the finished picture.


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Yes, def a good drawing there Orgo. I like how you made the guy on the right (bandit?) with a top hat and managed to not make him NOT look silly with it lol. Good stuff.


My character with butterflies and eggs, but dressed in west-ish clothes. Reason being that RL, I carve eggs... o.o So, smushed The-West with my hobbies and boom, there ya go. ;) For guildies and allies, sometimes I doodle. I'm trying to see what participation is like before I determine the amount of time I put in.

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I like your style, Orgo. I also like your signature. :) Very nicely done.
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