What do i gotta do?

Tucker Blue

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Premium advent with Courtier and 1000 dodging. ONE THOUSAND! +3 defense, +70 resistance.

Hits taken: 17
Dodged shots: 20

54% dodge rate? Seriously? No ghosts, not even in a round vs 4 attackers. Was getting hit by nobodies. Nobodies! The duelers were scoring crits like it was no big thing. 11k+ HP done in 10 rounds. Ten rounds! With a few of those rounds vs 2-4 attackers! Even the rounds i was getting the AT bonus, still garbage.

Something is way out of balance here.
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Bucksnort Hawkins

I'm here to attest, from experience, that no matter what you say, how you say it, in any form, to whomever you think at Inno or its parent company you are addressing this issue to; nothing is going to change.

Don't waste your time.