What are you listening to?


"The Auld Triangle"

I'm still feeling extremely patriotic following James Joyce's Birthday celebrations two days ago. I'm probably the only person who celebrates that, but I'll take any excuse to party!


Bloomsday is more important, yes, but 2nd February is far more unique.


Michael Buble's Everything

*music makes the world go around....and turns the world from black and white into color*



I'm listening to 'Dear Old Home (Piano)' by KEY Sound Label. Ahh..so harmonic. :eek:


Nashy (as himself)
Dark Oscillators - Nasty Jungle

Listening to Digitally Imported (DIFM) radio, I like it and it makes me play faster which I need when I play causal games like this at the same time as full-on gaming.


Diamonds are Forever (Original Bond theme). Next on playlist: Diamonds are Forever (Kanye West version)