Whadaya think?


be honest please i dont mind

or my actual sig

please comment on


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they look good. in your actual sig i would have added a red outer glow to your text as the image has a red outer glow, i think it would tie it in and also make the text stand out more. good stuff though :)


Very nice. Watch out for infractions though, your sig is larger than allowed.


The left edge of the first one looks messed, probably can fix that with a nice border design. Text is okay, but probably should bump it with a little embossing.

I like the middle one, you do all the effects on that one?

The third one doesn't strike me much, and the text not only doesn't match with the theme, but looks like an afterthought.


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The text on them just doesnt seem to go with the rest of the sig. And like Hellstromm said, that left side of the first one looks funky because the sword is cut off. But overall, they look good :)

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Nice sigs :) 2nd and 3rd my favs, like they said one the first one border on the left screwed up image is going over it...