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I love this. I hope we get more interviews with more players, and more stories from the past. The Friendship Points part and the story about old "Dueling Raids" were especially nice. The puzzle is good too, lets us participate.

I have only one suggestion. You could come up with a useful but not overpowered single item that is given to us every time we participate (instead of the spinach). You can make it upgradeable, so that when we participate 1/3/9/27/... times, we could keep upgrading it and get more use out of it. Could be something as simple as a single item that gives "Product Drop Chance", and it doesn't really matter. The important thing is, it will keep people coming, it won't be too powerful, and it won't be something that we use once and disappears. Could also make it auctionable to make it useful to even people that won't use it themselves.

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Hello all,

I had posted in the Game Corner forum a thread with the title Red Panda - Juarez with the differences, but I no longer see the thread now :)

Do I have to post it again?

Red Panda...


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Fantastic work, especially to those who edited and put in the effort to run the newspaper. I look forward to seeing more editions in the near future. I can think of a few people I'd love to see interviewed as a legend of the game, so will be keeping my eyes peeled on that!


How can I show the location of the difference? Do I have markings on the same picture given or is there a method. Then to where I send it

Joe Kidd

Really cool. As a small critique, I'd recommend using a less opaque background and a stronger reading font. I can help if needed. Otherwise I think this is long overdue and it's great.

Can users do contributions like artwork or some such?
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I have only one suggestion. You could come up with a useful but not overpowered single item that is given to us every time we participate (instead of the spinach).

Maybe they could add another Exchange option on that new guy Angus for spinachs?


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This is great! Look forward to "read all about it". Will the newspaper give updates on approaching events?

Keep upu the good work!


Yes i like the newspaper in the west sounds good to me.Always good for reading lol.Hope for news about the new events in the future. But anyway good work guys.


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please make the background plainer and/or lighter and the fonts bigger or bolder, so it is easier to read. I tried using zoom to make it as large as possible and it is still too hard to read.


if it's got the nisa sign of approval i have to give mine too...who doesn't love to read about helen

btw, i think it's good as it is right now...i have no idea how you guys can't read it. literally the same font dimension and visibility as the forum when you put them on the same side


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the forum is on a plain pale background and simple to read it is NOT on a darker aged spotty antique paper image, and that makes it hard for ME to read.
I haven't the time or inclination to struggle my way through the paper the way it is presented.