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why to delay one day what's the logic behind that?
Because as the name suggest:
"In fact, most calls to firefighters are for medical emergencies, not fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Other types of emergency calls that firefighters respond to include disaster aid, search-and-rescue operations, and traffic accidents." -Google Search
And these happenings only occur today, and our call would be responded tomorrow.
Logical enough?:cooln:


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i wouldve spent some nuggets on friday sale if i got a nugget sale.. im done purchasing full price nuggets.. they better send me a 150% + sale soon .. tired of not getting any sales


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@Syntex If at all possible could you please post A.M. or P.M. on the times of when these events occur? Please don't assume we know that you'd use 0:00 for 12:00 A.M. or 12:00 for 12:00 P.M.

Thank you.
If you're at least somewhat intelligent you'd know they're using 24h clock here, so no need to write am or pm! 6:00 = 6:00 and can't be 18:00! (example for 6am and 6pm if you're using 12h clock!)


A discount on the nuggets now would allow many people to purchase the clothes on offer and innogames would certainly benefit from it.


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Any news regarding Firefighter set? Can anyone help us and tell us a time when will be available?

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Mr. @Syntex , why the hell we have to get all our info from Beta and here is no announcement. It is planned or not for tomorrow 09:00 the deploy of FIREFIGHTER?

Start communicate with the freaking COMMUNITY, you suppose to be a "COMMUNITY MANAGER". Chop chop !

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That moment when you delay firefighter, hoping desperate people will buy a much more expensive set (western friday clothes) :lol: .
Moving the sale to tomorrow is just bs, fixing it now will cost you a few clicks ;)