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Western Friday 2020


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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Thanksgiving is coming and we would like to be thankful to all our players.

To celebrate this we will offer you a 40% discount on all regular shop items, like buffs or chests that you can find in the shop every day. The discount will be available for 48 hours from November 27th 12:00 until November 29th 12:00.

We will also have a small 10% discount on old sale items and chests:
  • J. Fry items and chest

    Contains all items from the J. Fry's set and ground rocket turtle shell.
  • Small wooden crate
    Small wooden crate filled with assorted pot plants with decorative flowering succulents: a palm plant, a bananmedis, a ferocactus, a prickly pear, a thanksgiving cactus, a zebra cactus, a bunny ears cactus and a hairy cereus.
  • Golden Chest
    Contains the Golden saddle, Andalusian horse and the golden colt, golden gun and golden sabre avatar parts.
  • Lonesome Cowboy's chest
    This chest contains all items from the Lonesome Cowboy's set.
  • Carnival chest
    Contains all items from the Carnival set.

We will also offer this year chests with 5% discount:
  • Lucky clover clothes chest
    Contains Lucky clover hat, necklace, jacket, belt, pants and shoes.
  • Lucky clover horse and saddle
    Contains Lucky clover horse and saddle.
  • Lucky clover weapon chest
    Contains Lucky clover derringer pocket revolver, officer sabre and sniper rifle.
  • Firefighter weapons chest
    This chest includes all the weapon items from the Firefighter set.
  • Firefighter clothes chest
    This chest includes all the clothes items from the Firefighter set.

As a part of this sale you can also find Western Friday items:

  • +0,06 strength (per level)
  • +0,06 mobility (per level)
  • +0,06 dexterity (per level)
  • +0,06 charisma (per level)
    • +0,8 construction (per level)
    • +0,7 stamina (per level)
    • +0,8 horseback riding (per level)
    • +0,7 swimming (per level)
    • +0,8 shooting (per level)
    • +0,7 repairing (per level)
    • +0,8 leadership (per level)
    • +0,7 appearance (per level)
  • +150 labor points
  • +30% more experience from jobs, duels and fort battle
  • +30% more money from jobs and duels
  • +0.04 Strength (per Level)
  • +0.04 Dexterity (per Level)
  • +0.04 Mobility (per Level)
  • +0.04 Charisma (per Level)
    • +0.4 Shooting (per Level)
    • +0.4 Repairing (per Level)
    • +0.4 Leadership (per Level)
    • +0.4 Appearance (per Level)
  • + 30% Experience from jobs, duels and fort battles
  • + 100% Speed
  • +0.04 Strength (per Level)
  • +0.04 Dexterity (per Level)
  • +0.04 Mobility (per Level)
  • +0.04 Charisma (per Level)
    • +0.4 Construction (per Level)
    • +0.4 Stamina (per Level)
    • +0.4 Horseback riding (per Level)
    • +0.4 Swimming (per Level)
  • + 30% Experience from jobs, duels and fort battles
  • +80 labor points

Would you like to know in advance how much these items will cost? Good, then have a look to our table:
IconName of Western Friday and other items from last yearNuggets
Western Friday Horse600
Western Friday Saddle400
Western Friday pistol600
Western Friday knife600
Western Friday revolver600
Western Friday weapon chest1500
Western Friday horse and saddle800
Western Friday set3200
Purple Package1000
Green Package1500
Gold Package2000
J. Fry pony express horse400
J. Fry saddle200
J. Fry shotgun400
J. Fry knife400
J. Fry rifle400
J. Fry chest1200
Small wooden crate800
Golden Chest1500
Lonesome Cowboy's chest2000
Carnival chest1500
Lucky clover clothes chest2100
Lucky clover horse and saddle500
Lucky clover weapon chest2100
Firefighter weapon's chest1200
Firefighter clothes chest1200
Those are the default values. A discount will be placed on these prices.

And this is not the end of the surprises! At the market, in every world you will be able to find special auctions with unique items! You may find 3 of the following items:

Note: The auctions are limited. There will be three unique items for each world. The unique items on worlds may be different.

With update 2.138 we created the "One of a kind set" with these items, currently wearing all 5 items will grant the following bonus:
  • +0.04 Strength (per Level)
  • +0.04 Mobility (per Level)
  • +0.04 Dexterity (per Level)
  • +0.04 Charisma (per Level)
    • +0.7 Stamina (per Level)
    • +0.8 Leadership (per Level)
    • +0.6 Animal instinct (per Level)
    • +0.9 Appearance (per Level)
  • +6 Praying
  • + 80% Improved Luck
  • + 30% Improved product drop chance
  • + 5% Experience from jobs, duels and fort battles

Don't forget to share with us your feedback in the discussion thread.

Have fun and see you in the game!
Your The West Team