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How do you rate each fort battle build? [Tool used]

West 1.xx (Then):


West 2.xx (Now):


I would have added a Z tier for berry pickers and the like, but didn't feel like non-fort builds were worth mentioning.
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I believe Leadership Advents are more common than LS Soldiers and Hp Duelers (with Courtier that is..) are more common than pure Resist builds
But yea, it doesn't really change anything in the grand scheme of things.

It didn't pay off to be pure Resist builds before because Hp was the king. You could stay mounted on Towers and would survive much longer.. So why bother with that :'P
And now it doesn't pay off either because even if you go Pure Traps (Pitfall) or Hiding and use all the highest Resistance gear of the game (including Nugget Kodiak Bear set) it won't matter against Damager builds. 4 shoots and you are dead.

As for Advent Tanks.. I guess it's safe to say that, their number is about 1/3 of what was before.

Soldier Tanks are probably like 1/2 or 2/3 or something.

Worker Tanks.. I guess not much change for that.
They are great at start but in the long run, against Lvl 150's, they aren't very reliable.

Dueler Tanks.. Back in the day when Towers could be held, they had their use on tanking DT and critting every once in a while I guess.
Nowadays.. Not much.

Leadership Duelers.. idk for sure.. double? triple now?

Leadership Workers.. probably the same as Duelers, or more?
I doubt there were much really so it might be more, ratio wise.

Leadership Soldiers.. They are probably less than before.
Nearby bonus ain't really relevant nowadays.. Sets give way too high bonuses.
And as a Damager, even with Union they won't do much.

So yea, sadly there isn't much diversity left, if any.
And that sums the current sad state of the game, I guess?
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