west point


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stop doing this server timed thing in quests. I am not hanging round til midnight on the computer, for cryin' out loud. Thanks for another quest that I start hopefully, then
can't finish.:razz:
I'd just sleep early and wake up early morning....... Something a lot of players can do.....


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you have to accept at between 6 and 11 but can finish at any time. Im on the outpost step and I think I finished at 18:00


If the letter didn´t drop on the 4h, spamm 15sec of the Pony-Express until it drops.
Is it still possible to finish the Urgent Call portion of the West quest line? I've been advancing in other worlds, but have a lower level person in World 12 that I was just able to get everything for him. I've been checking periodically over that last 24 hours and it will not allow me to click complete. I see the quest in my quest tracker, but when I click on it, it is not there


The West Team
The urgent call quest can indeed no longer be completed, you'll have to try again next year.


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I've spent 4x1h and 60x15sec to find the letter but no success...Anyone has any advice what should I do?


good too know. will they extend the time to finish it? i didnt finish it last year. its one of two quest i didnt do so i want it completed if i can.