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As stated in the title, welcome! This section is to be used for the purposes of recruitment of players, and also advertisement of towns. Any other unrelated material I ask that you keep the the main El Dorado section.

The rules for this forum are as stated:

  • You may make one thread for each town. Do not create multiple threads.
  • You may only bump your town's thread once every ten days.
  • Do not create a new thread asking to join a town. Use 'this' thread instead.
  • Any matters unrelated to town and/or player recruitment should be posted in the main section for this forum: World El Dorado

In making a new post advertising your town(s), you may wish to use the following format:

Town Name:
Location on Map:
Construction Points:
Current Open Spaces:
Number of Residents:
$$$ in Town Treasury:
Owned Forts:
Town Ranking:
Dueling Points:

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.
Not open for further replies.