Welcome to Fairbank


Hello all,

Good to see you all joining this new world!

Hope you enjoy it!


Shame external forum is under used in this game.

Hello world Fairbank. :)



Thank,s in advance...I do my best ;)...but yeah welcome to this world....cunning up to 10th level...and the Cinemars good...seeing as it,s Sir Richard Branson and not Alicia Silverstone lol.....P.S....The SIA...UK Home Office...and the Police :huh:


Excuse the specifications in a presumption...as these could, be confused with random words that do not make sence to some that are dyslexic...presumption....good literacy

Update 2

An idea that is taken to be true on the basis of probabilty...behaviour to be determined as Arrogant lol
Not on a random where the pattern does not rely on predictability on an event...but yep...Fairbanks good.

For example:...In a Presumption
And egotism....

Update 3

The presumption of innocence
Evereyone charged with a criminal offence shall have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to the Law...Billy the Kid :D...

That pretty much...sums me up
The Smirf;)
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In 4 years? A lot. Dueling... fort fighting.... forts themselves.... jobs.... towns... the map... the chat..... just about everything had been changed in a significant way. There are new things too like crafting and adventures. It is a pretty long list. Better to jump in and hope for the best. :)


Also been on a 4 year break. Feels good to be back in the saddle.

Doc Death

Over 5 years for me but on the whole was like putting on a pair of old slippers.


A lot HAS changed! It's beeen a fair while for me as well!

Gideon Clay

Just getting back into the West. Been away for a few years myself. Looks like this world is kind of quiet to be so occupied....or is that a hallucination on my part? ;)


Good to be back in the old west, is anyone looking at joining into a town together if so hit me up


I'm taking the folks who migrated from world 1, and some of the new bloods, but at my little bitty town, there's no direction really, everybody plays their own way, and pursues their own goals.