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This is in response to the discussion thread about the proposed backpack change, which is as follows:

Backpack limit

This isn't for certain as we know it will trigger a lot of controversy. We would like to limit the number of items that can fit in a backpack. For example, a basic backpack would only be able to hold 30 items. Depending on your horse and other items you would be able to carry more.

Now, the fact that this is not a certain idea must mean that they would be open to ideas on how to work it. This is one such idea.

The Idea
That backpacks only hold a limited number of items (per category), and that an additional building called a 'Warehouse' be available for construction in the town.

How It Could Work
  • Backpacks would hold a limited amount of each category. I.e. a limit of 3 of each category of Neckbands, Headgear, Clothing and Shoes. A limit of 1 Riding Animals. A limit of 2 Duelling Weapons. A limit of 20 products. This would allow you to carry what you needed.
  • Every player would have a free-to-use Level 1 warehouse, which has the same restrictions as above (thus allowing you to keep twice the limits mentioned above - half in backpack and half in warehouse).
  • For town members, they would have to be in thier town to use it. Non town members would have to nominate a town to host thier warehouse. They could move this to another town for a set fee. In the event of a town becoming a ghost town, the player would be able to move it to another town for free.
  • A new building would be available for construction in the town, called 'Warehouse'. This building would have various levels. The first level would allow 3x the amounts as above,i.e. now you can put 3 neckbands in your backpack and 6 in your warehouse. The next level would increase it again, etc. The limit on number of levels to be at the discretion of the developers.
  • If you wished to use something that you had stored in the warehouse, or if you wished to store something in the warehouse, you would have to be in your town, and would work in much the same way as buying and selling does in the shops.
  • It would be free to use the warehouse in your own town. The rents would be affordable and reasonable.
Players who are not members of a town would be able to 'rent' space in a warehouse from another town. It could work like the hotel, in that you can rent whichever level you need. Towns would not benefit, like the hotel, whichever the developers felt more appropriate. You could rent for a period of 1 week, 1 month, 6 months or 12 months at a time, for varying costs. They would get level 1 for free, as mentiuoned above, but could pay to access the higher levels as long as the town with thier warehouse has the sufficient level warehouse built.

End of Rental Period/Leaving/Kicked (Thanks to Teodoros for this solution)
If a player leaves a town, is kicked out or the rental period ends, everything in the warehouse at that time is locked. To unlock it, you either have to rejoin the town, or pay another rental fee to be able to access it. Warehouses would be emptied after 45 days inactivity i.e. if a player did not either pay a rental fee or did not join that town within that period, the items would be deleted from the game.
Players renting a warehouse would receive an in-game telegram/report informing them that the rental period is due to end.

On a seperate note, if renting warehouses was introduced, maybe town members could also rent from other towns, or non-town members could rent any number of warehouses across the map and store things in each one.

Any comments on this idea, which I'll admit needs a lot of work?
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Ware house

• that would be what level of hotel?

• will it be another building material for the workers?

• how long will the non-members can stay on em?


When the rent period ends, the player don't lose the stored items.
He must re-rent the warehouse to be able to take/shell them.
To re-rent the warehouse must pay some fee, depends the period it was unrented.
The same happens when a member of town leave his town.


if outlaws rent....should they be able to duel wit town members?

i think there should be restrictions...


Yeah and you would get a notice, a report on the rent time being over.

if they are going to limit it anyway I would prefer them using your idea sdjx22.
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• that would be what level of hotel?

• will it be another building material for the workers?
Again, what? It will just be a new building. No materials required, built just as all the others are.

• how long will the non-members can stay on em?
I was thinking you can buy rent for 1 month, 6 months or 12 months, at varying costs.

Teodoros, your solution is perfect, I'll add it to the summary.

Angel, that argument is the same as the one where players should be able to sleep in the hotel of the town, so that would be up to the developers and a seperate issue, I think.


Yeah and you would get a notice, a report on the rent time being over.

if they are going to limit it anyway I would prefer them using your idea.

thanks...but i think there are still more than that...i'll think of a better one...

the questions i asked is just few of what is still running on mah mind...im still waitin for others opinion. . .

SD: can it be weekly payment?
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It's not so unfair on people who dont join a town you could have a character bonus for workers like "you can put 10% more in warehouse 10% cheaper" or something like that....a nice little publicity stunt to keep the louder minority quiet for a change :) *at last* :eek:hmy:quiet builders *surely not*-this would be a bit like the adventurer hotel bonus and the soldier weapon levelling.

Speaking of which, its only as unfair as the high item cost and the pricey hotel!

I am not a worker-the bonus COULD go to duelers OR both it would compensate for the betterness of adventurers like me:D
When hire price runs out, teodoros is right- the items should be more expensive to get out than it would have been ha you kept your rent up.


how much do people think a horse will give in the way of carrying items?


Well, a riding horse could carry 2 saddle bags...

Looking at GURPS 4e (which is to hand)

Donkey - 500 lbs
Pony, Small mule - 800 lbs
Racehorse - 1100 lbs
Saddle horse - 1200 lbs
Cavalry Horse, Large mule - 1400 lbs
Heavy warhorse - 1900 lbs
Draft Horse - 2000 lbs

This is body weight; figure you can carry up to your own body weight. Let's put it this way - a WW1 cavalry horse carried it's rider & kit - which as much weight again as the rider.
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It's not so unfair on people who dont join a town you could have a character bonus for workers like "you can put 10% more in warehouse 10% cheaper" or something like that

Workers and Adventurers already have 4 bonuses. if any class should get another bonus added to it, it should be Soldiers or Duelers.


Yes d.mc, that's a good point, they could decide to offer it as a bonus.


thanks sdjx22!
and CraZ, I said it could go to duelers(meaning soldiers as well) in bold.
All I meant was that if such a bonus was only given to duelers, all the workers would be uber-pesky on the forums


Yeah well they already have more bonuses and exp, they will always find something to complain about ;)


Bonuses and such I suppose could be discussed afterwards, because this idea isn't even in the game yet, so discussing changes to class bonuses in response to this is a bit premature.

Zazz Sasst

I like to carry two wpns: one melee and one ranged. I like to switch it up depending on my intended victim.
This new proposal would drastically change my dueling methods.
When would a player be able to switch items out from their warehouse to thei pack? Logic would mandate that only when you are in your town can you switch the items (like depositing cash into the bank).

If your rent 'runs-out' or you leave your town, how would you gain access to your stored items? And even if you could get them, with the new limitations on packs, where would you place them?


Ok, 2 weapons if you wish. Why do you use both? Don't you focus on shooting or vigor, do you spend on both?

Yes, you would have to be in the town to swap the items in your backpack for the items in the warehouse.

To gain access to your stored items after the rent runs out (or you leave the town) you must purchase the rent. Think of it like having to pay for the key to get in. They are safe, but you need to pay to get to them.

You would have to plan what you needed each day. Take what you need (but leave space for any items you find - I'll edit the amounts allowed to compensate for this in a second), and then if you need something else you return home, and swap items from your backpack with items in your inventory.

eagle john

I realy like the Idea... I don't see any thing wrong.. I think I could perfectly work like this...

I think the monney you pay to place your sruf in a warehouse should be free for insiders (as was in your proposal... or not?) outsiders that monney should go *poof* just like the hotels... because that monney is needed to repair the roof to keep your stuf dry and for hiring guards...


Yes, I assumed it would be free to use for town members, but I'll make it clear in the proposal.

Yeah I was thinking it may be best if the rent money disapeared like the hotel money.


I'm not at all convinced by this. it seems like a long winded way to nullify the idea of a restricted backpack.
Now i'm not saying that i like the idea of a restricted backpack at all but then the best thing would be campaign against it rather than asking them to recode to end up in the same position as before.
Why don't we examine the idea.
Merits; forces players to make strategic decisions on what they wish to carry and also risk carrying larger amounts of cash if they want an 'endgame' item costing more than the bank holds.
Greater realism....although better horses should up your payload
Shoots down Violettes' nice idea about categories.

Demerits; hideously complicated to work out what you may or may not need in the future.
favours nerdish research over a more intuitive free booting approach. ' i saw on a chat room on a belgian server that in version 3.28 they will be upping the banana requirement to 3 instead of 2 kind of guff. boring!!!!!!