Warcraft Comics! By Ignis :P


This is a comics I won a competition with on another gaming forum :) Yeahh, it's cheesy and nerdy but I am proud of since I've put so much effort into it! Comment and Criticize!


Mirana: The Sentinel's leader. A very powerful woman whose hearts belongs to Furion.

Furion: A druid with exceptional natural abilities. Mirana's "husband" I guess.

Luna: Mirana's most trusted hero and friend.

Sven: Furion's brother. ( Sven's here to pump you up! LOL)

Abaddon: Mirana's archenemy. Scourge's leader.

Necrolyte: A powerful necromancer capable of summoning undead creatures. Abaddon's**trusted assistant.

Pudge: An incredibly strong undead minion. Necrolyte's creation

(I guess, I made one in the comics but whatever)

Intro:The war between the Sentinel and the Scourge has been going on for eons. In on of the invasions the scourge's leader Abaddon has captured Mirana's loved one. Mirana now trys to save him with a little help of an old friend...

And btw I am open for requests if any of you like my works :)


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