P&P War with SB, or not? I'm confused.


Got this mail - amongst many - from yittak, leader of SB:

"my motto is if you need teaching a lesson(which you do) you will be taught it regardless of lvl
i can beat terraformer , mashdk , joe la gachette thepro100,melaniana,rod bowley to name but a few im sure when you check you will find they are all 20 lvls lower than me lol
what's your problem ? you camped my town i had you removed very effectivley as i will continue to do

go padd your own stats somwhere else NOT IN MY TOWNS
this is your last warning!!!!!!"

But now he is saying that doesn't class as a declaration of war? I sort of think it does, but maybe it's because I don't have an IQ of 147 like yittak claims to have :razz:

Duelling for mighty JUSTICE! Mind you, I can see why our 4 man town is a threat to SB, we are ALL POWERFUL!

The Pro100

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Being a nuisance doesn't make you important. You can try building up your reputation by beating people of levels around yours or even higher, slowly you will earn respect. Respect, that's how what the game revolves about!

Camping is what, frankly, n00bs do. Besides, what have you against challenging them fair and square >.<

and yittak, you only beat me once after my respec! RAWWWW


Hey, no need for that. He is the one accusing us - wrongly - of camping, so don't go taking sides just yet. :nowink:

The only time we go and attack SB in anything that could be seen as camping is to get those players that used to seriously camp us when we were lower level than them - looks at Sparten in particular who used to jump me when he was lev 63 and I was level 41 - and now we go over there once a week or so and beat those players around the head.

The other players, I attack once then move on. As ALL duellers do, when you think about it. The other thing is we do NOT attack crappy ass workers, etc .. we only attack duelling players, which we see as fair.

PS I have never duelled beneath my level yet on w1 - even in my two town wars, I am hard pushed to remember duelling lower - as it is a pure waste of motivation. I like the challenge of aiming high, and all the guys I am attacking in SB atm are at least 5 levels higher than me, some as high as 25. Same for Bifkin, my town mate, he loves big XP hits and always aims high, too.

The Pro100

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I believe in yittak for not mis-counting your actions as camping.
Definition of camping: Sleeping in ones town consistently and repeatedly dueling the members within a day's time-span. Those are pain in the arse...


@Artagel: Yourself and your cronies are only being asked politely to not make a nuisance of yourself, within SB towns is that so hard?? By the look of it, your not at war, just on the brink of it. :razz:


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@Artagel: Yourself and your cronies are only being asked politely to not make a nuisance of yourself, within SB towns is that so hard?? By the look of it, your not at war, just on the brink of it. :razz:
exactly my point im triyng to make

you and sarg have your own little war going on fine but if a member wants some help the usually get it
you were camped here for a week trying to hit him a pointless exercise when your town is 10 mins away
anyway i see you camping him in new kansas now, all the guys outside of this there have to do is ask for help and it will be provided
now he is kitted sort it with sarg
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Good, I am glad you see it like that. Sarg is higher level than both Bifkin and myself and a soldier as well.

Like all my town members on all worlds, I will help them wherever I see it necessary, but if a Soldier/Dueller asked me for help and they were higher level than the players involved AND had started it themselves, the answer would be a massive "NO! Go sort that out yourself."


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Well Artagel you seem to be creating quite the spectacle of yourself and your town. After reading your recent posts I have to wonder how many players in W-1 are just waiting to catch you outside of the hotel just to have a little fun with you, excluding the SB townships of coarse. Why wouldn't you just keep this little matter in game and somehow sort it out with Yittak? I am amazed at the fact you would rather draw so much attention to your town. ;)


I see nothing wrong with my posts at all, and was just defending our town's position on how we are retaliating for all the camping that used to take place against us from SB - a fact that was overlooked.

So I have no idea what the hell you are on about, Mr Matt, but you just carry on. :)

tom paris

you know, this thread has the wrong title :(

it should be "1 guy in a small town camping a -sb- town which then gets automatically turned into a war when it was just a warning to one of the members to stop camping a town and was totally blown out of proportion and is now being discussed here and hopefully someone will back him up and support him against sb but has failed and sb were only telling him not leave there towns alone after camping them so much"

id say this tilte would sum it up :)


Hey, Tom, instead of just making stuff up, maybe you would be best getting some facts together ... maybe yittak has trusted friends, so do I, thanks, and when I say I don't camp there, it's true. He says I do, sorry, untrue.

I didn't come here for support, and for you to even think that is you just trying to possibly project what you would do in a similar situation. I do not care about support in the slightest, never have, and if I did do you think I would be in tiny unallied towns on every world I play in?

The fact is SB towns are target filled and within 30 minutes from my town and when I go over there I duel a few players, then sleep there, then duel again and leave. I sleep there when I take damage as I am an offesnive player and tend to take a few big whacks.

I do admit there are three players I do seek out more often than any other as they used to CAMP me when I was lower level than them, and now I am closer to their level I KO them as often as I can remember too, once a week, twice a week, whatever.

So instead of going all "oooh he is after attention and support" maybe just try and look at it from both sides, not just one, eh? ;)

tom paris

Never thought I would see the day, Tom Paris making a solid valid point. 100% agree with your comment on this one.

Thats your new signature for you Tom :p
my signature has just improved :)

and to artagel, you start of by saying i make stuff up :laugh: ridiculous.
i went through most posts too piece together what this thread was about as it was the first time i had seen it and that's what it cam out as :unsure:


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tag teaming hans didnt help your cause at the start of this. You have been on the radar since that point....


Yittak, man, for the fifth time, SB was on our radar first. You know why? You should, I have mentioned it enough.

When I was level 40 or 41, your "big gun" Sparten came over and kept attacking me ... 3 to 4 times in a week, and got a KO too. At the same time he was attacking Daniel - who due to almost leaving the game - was unarmed and wearing one piece of clothing. Aye, nice easy targets when you consider Sparten was level 62 with a Lumberjack Axe.

After that, your town was always going to be priority number one, but you ALWAYS gloss over and evade that fact and try to make out it was me who started it all.

Sorry to spoil it for you, but it was the work of your stat padding Sparten.

PS Since then, Sparten is now my go to guy when I remember and off I go and KO him ... still got 6 levels on me, but that's no biggy, I hate guys who jump 10+ levels beneath them.

How about whenever you go on now you will go "Oh, it was one of our guys who started all this in the first place, going for easy wins on a player 20 levels beneath him." :unsure:


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Let's all meet up and just have @ it.I'll buy a chuckwagon full of popcorn for the spectators as this is getting to be a bit more fun.I have friends on both sides but I'm up for some action.......Targets, targets everywhere!!!