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RP Discussion War of the Space Colonies Idea Thread


I am thinking of starting a new thread called War of the Space Colonies. But this is very hard to start an I need a lot more ideas. This one is about 2 colonies on Mars and is a repeat of history. We all know about Russia and USA's fight for the moon. But this time they're literally fighting on Mars! It would be an RP about 2 colonies on Mars one would belong to the Russians and the other to USA. You would pick a side and litterally fight for control of Mars. One major rule would be: NO ALIENS! That wouldn't be the point of the thread but I look for ideas now. And now I turn it over to you...


But... but aliens are why there's no decent Mars surface pictures and what not... they destroy all our rovers and we mistake it for mechanical failure...

Soviets vs Americans... on Mars fight is on eh? Well... technology would be a good thing to have a grasp upon... a big thing really. Are we thinking current technology for space... which is big bulky spacesuits that are hardly maneuverable and projectile weapons which would throw any shooter back due to recoil and laws of physics? Or are we going to future travel and invent some future tech?

What are the current politics elsewhere? I'm not looking for a political game mind you, but is what we do on Mars have repercussions elsewhere? Is this simply a bloodless coup since we're light years away from any manner of immediate response from Earth? Or is it might makes right and all steam ahead I want your stuff?

Since being in the future, to make the game a bit more reasonable, is what makes sense to me... what are humans like in the future? Have we advanced in any manner? Evolved into more? Use cybernetics or nano-technology to improve body and mind? Things like that?

That's about the first few thoughts I humbly submit for thought and review.


I would say yea to it's some pretty far off rme in the future and all those questions at the end is what I want you guys to tell me wht you think of them


Let's see, we would either be using laser weapons or rocket guns, like the Gyrojet family of weapons. Mars would either be terraformed, so we don't even need space suits, or if we still need spacesuits, more like this. I believe in a what happens on Mars becomes big news everywhere on Earth, either causing wars there, or everybody trying to get the Mars humans to stop fighting. Probably cybernetics will be a huge part of human life by this time. The first Mars colonizers could be nothing but brains floating in the middle of giant robots! But probably not to that extreme. I like the idea, and I'll probably sign up.


Have you ever read the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson? It would make an excellent template, since the story occurs over the gradual expansion of terraforming on the planet and the main conflict between the reds and greens. Greens being terraformers, and reds being those who want the planet to stay as is. On a note on aliens, in the series there are the little red men, telepathic and tiny they attempt to influence people by setting up stations in their eaars and influencing them. In the end when ants are brought to Mars they use them as mounts and at the end of the story with there being enough ant biomass to cover the entire planet several inches deep, the humans there are forced to consider what the Little Red Men want.Or be overwhelmed by ant swarms. Also in their telepathic mind sytem they are influenced by the Dalai Lama, whose spirit after leaving earth to find someone to be Dalai Lama comes upon the Little Red Men.