WANTED FAMILY now recruiting


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that's pretty much cool, who was the first graduate?

It'll help us duelers from the opposing side find more competitive targets :D

our problem is that players are just leaving W2 and almost no one is joining. You see new players only in W1, where everyone wants to excel - as the first ever players of the west will be watching.

king david

He's way too low for any of you guys, maybe your newbies can give him some practice :D



The first graduate of the WANTED Academy. Pele77 has a bright future as a dueler in the WANTED Family.

king david

WANTED is growing strong...

Our training town, The WANTED Academy just graduated it's 3rd player today :D

We have openings in all of our 7 WANTED towns, and ANY level and ANY class may apply.

Our forts need building and gathering, our enemies need KOing, and we need fort fighters to gain new forts and protect our forts we already have.

Contact Latigo Kid in-game for an invite and we'll find the perfect town for you.

WANTED is still Number 1 and we are planning to stay that way :ph34r: