W1 Goes out in Style & Listing the top rankings for the final time


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Halls off fame starting with the original and epic race for lvl 99 all since long gone from W1


1 Cringe

2 The Iceman

3 m4tm4t

4 FargoBear

5 bigpopa

Race to lvl120


1 Artagnan

2 trupovoz

3 The Iceman

4 Jesse James

5 mant

Race to the big 150


1 MFRavenhawk

2 Kidd Kalypso

3 silverlady1

4 Nolla

5 Cat Marshall

All gone from W1 now but Legends and Heroes one and all :up:

No matter what... I still think Lokiju was the most spectacular player.......


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I played a bit (come and go) in W1 since 2013 (the nuggets Log said 29-05-2013 :-D ) and had some memories with it before finally migrated to Fairbanks in 2018.
I had no chance to go deep into the world situation, as all i did is farming Jugs and sell it, and enjoy the wilderness. Though i think I remember joined a town with John Sacket in it. and some other people i barely remember now. o_O

I also kinda remember when I first showed up in W1, some people questioned me if I was related to The Shadow Brotherhood (SB) :-D coz of my in game name, while I have no idea about the alliance with such similar initial lol


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As World 1 is reaching its final days, I have to mention a few more that I have just remembered:

  • Cringe - the first player to reach level 99 on World 1 (and by extension, the first player on .net)
  • holysatan - most likely the first player to have had Hernando's sword on World 1 (and by extension, the first player on .net :p )
  • phonebook - held up his own as the no.1 dueler on World 1 for quite a while
  • ThePro - a tough dueler for an Adventurer :p
  • Whistlingleaf - for obvious reasons

Victor Kruger

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OO i remember Hefty Smurf well .. id forgotten he too was on w1 originally.. Wasnt my biggest fan i admit and boy could he be a grumpy puss after the 3rd or 4th duel in week.. cant imagine why. Gave me so many infractions at one point cos i was being so difficult on some thread Hellstromm had to step in and un ban me from the forum sin bin. :roll:

I think you also cleaned up the mysterious appearance of that Tutu Elmyrs got on and where it ended up Al.. i logged on one day to find i was wearing this load of crap ! at least the pants were my usual choice but the rest most definitely was not.
Id always assumed It was Futu or Diggo playing tricks as we were known to do to each other or a hand me down from OAN who im sure used to have it or one just like it. now im not so sure.. but it happened right about the time Elmyr said his bye byes.. I was more confused about where the typewriter came from at the time and E who was TW guru wasnt about to ask if it was some Q or drop thing id missed in my invent .. & Bears were still quite rare then

Which means i possibly have Elmyrs cast off Tutu, Typewriter and Teddy Bear .. yea he actually boasted about having the Bear being one of the first to get one ofc :lol:
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