W1 Goes out in Style & Listing the top rankings for the final time


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Halls off fame starting with the original and epic race for lvl 99 all since long gone from W1


1 Cringe

2 The Iceman

3 m4tm4t

4 FargoBear

5 bigpopa

Race to lvl120


1 Artagnan

2 trupovoz

3 The Iceman

4 Jesse James

5 mant

Race to the big 150


1 MFRavenhawk

2 Kidd Kalypso

3 silverlady1

4 Nolla

5 Cat Marshall

All gone from W1 now but Legends and Heroes one and all :up:

No matter what... I still think Lokiju was the most spectacular player.......


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I played a bit (come and go) in W1 since 2013 (the nuggets Log said 29-05-2013 :-D ) and had some memories with it before finally migrated to Fairbanks in 2018.
I had no chance to go deep into the world situation, as all i did is farming Jugs and sell it, and enjoy the wilderness. Though i think I remember joined a town with John Sacket in it. and some other people i barely remember now. o_O

I also kinda remember when I first showed up in W1, some people questioned me if I was related to The Shadow Brotherhood (SB) :-D coz of my in game name, while I have no idea about the alliance with such similar initial lol


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As World 1 is reaching its final days, I have to mention a few more that I have just remembered:

  • Cringe - the first player to reach level 99 on World 1 (and by extension, the first player on .net)
  • holysatan - most likely the first player to have had Hernando's sword on World 1 (and by extension, the first player on .net :p )
  • phonebook - held up his own as the no.1 dueler on World 1 for quite a while
  • ThePro - a tough dueler for an Adventurer :p
  • Whistlingleaf - for obvious reasons