Voting for the Future of the Game thus letting developers know what helps us enjoy!


Visit my voter (forum) post and vote please! Let's make this a GROWING game...instead of a dead/dying one!~

Don't be ugly and selfish...

Vote YES so that the game can become MORE INTERESTING and less costly for developers!


Pfft.... This isn't a dying game....
Get 3000 toons that are already playing other servers/worlds to sign into a new world, like Kansas, you can tell your boss your got 3000 new players to the game.

No background music please. The beeps from whispers and the sheep beeping or cocks crowing for adventures is enough.


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ummmm, background music will save this game from dying? and it will make it cheaper for the devs? :rolleyes::D
You can't really save a game from dying if the game's already dead :p. The game never had or will have a purpose. It became an endless loop of tombolas and collecting gear that will be discontinued in a few months. And it's not going to change, sorry <3. Most of the managers (not all of them) are aware of the situation but they're not going to do anything about it as "it's not going to make money". The game will continue until they decide it's not worth anymore and unplug the servers. (which wont happen anytime soon, ig)
The only thing that's keeping it somewhat active is the amount of players that refuse to leave it due to the fact that they invested way too much time and/or money into it and don't realise it's not worth it anymore.

And to remain in topic just in case someone's salty enough to remove this message, background music has been suggested since 2009, at least on foreign forums. The one argument against it was it being way too annoying and players muting it all the time. If you want "background" music you're free to use YouTube, Spotify or any music platform out there.


No offense, xShteff, but the game is not dead and talk of it being so is crap. Let's call crap what crap is. Talk of the game being dead is crap.
You refer to "them" as "they", but you talk of unplugging the cord and income streams.

It's a lot easier to have a conversation when we know who we are....
I'm Dale from Houston, TX, a player on Briscoe, my one and only server for 7+ years.

Who are you, xShteff??
Forgive me, but you post of what will happen and what might not happen.
Please share your credentials for sharing such.

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