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Poker Alice

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This is how Inno’s The West Game is described.

"InnoGames' online role-playing game The West sees you start as a greenhorn facing the dangers of the Wild West. Create your own avatar and collect experience by completing tasks and doing jobs. Become a gunslinger by challenging other players to duels. Prove your skills in adventures or just storm forts."

It seems to me that the game has several different paths for a cowpoke to follow as a worker, adventure, gunslinger or soldier and it can be done all in the spirit of a RPG. Yet, other than long ago developers of the game creating a story-line theme with western character’s in a saloon, I see very little Role Play in the actual game play.

JUarez chats for example are filled with either wtb, wts, or real to life comments. Is it because the average player doesn’t understand what role play means or just not interested? Even by reading some user names can give an indication of what a member thinks or doesn’t think of role playing. While some people do make an effort to take on a western role presentación. Many players don’t use RP to their advantage.

Do you think this is true?


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I totally agree with you Poker Alice. I've been playing since the game was born :) and have 8 characters currently, none in the last 3 worlds, however. Each have different names and personalities. All in keeping with the US West in the late 1800's. I love it when other players are 'in character' with the setting. I usually refer to my 'typist' when saying something 'out of character' :D

Poker Alice

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I love it when other players are 'in character' with the setting.
:lovetw:I can see you understand what I wrote but not sure if everyone gets it.

I've read angry remarks from some players, who are not role-playing a western game at all. Something or someone has made it personal for them.

An example is when a no-good outlaw steals someone's goods from the market. In a role-playing game that is what outlaws do. They steal. It's not personal. It's in character or could be that way and they develop that reputation in the game! The result of acting like an outlaw will get them run out of town. That is what other cowboys do with outlaws right?

It's nothin' personal. It's a game.

I'm thinking since there are players who have been around for a long time they lost that a long time ago?