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Good old-fashioned Duelling Town.
- No Allies, No NAP's
- Coordinated Duelling
- Town Buff Bank
- Looking for an extra town builder too, perks include motivation buffs and anyone who touches you becomes our next raid

Do you love reading Fan Mail from your Adoring Victims?​
Do you yearn to Paint your name in every Town Mortician on the map?​
Do you Always get the Bounty?​
Do you miss the old days of Town Raiding and Tag-Teaming?​

Join me. Spread Violence.
reply or pm to commit now, or find me in game, or find us in your saloon.
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Interesting :huh:

Well, what can I say..
Other than.. Have fun while it lasts mate (approx 6 months until you run out of targets)

One thing is for sure.. nugget muncher FF'ers will 'love' to get hit :lol:


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Well folks, with the initial casino over, we need new recruits now more than ever to compete with other towns.

Would YOU like to play with a 2015 duel set that gives 0 dodge, and try to KO players with 2019 duel sets?
Then I have the town for you. Join Glass-Cannon Gang now. It's hilarious.