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Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,
1.png Calling out all the video creators 2.png to participate in our new contest!

Create a video of educational value, explaining the game to other, newer The West players! It can be anything – Dueling, Fort Battles, Crafting, Jobs! - your imagination is the limit. The best video will WIN 1000 NUGGETS, an in-game honorary title of Film Producer and a personalized avatar modelled after them! We will also reward up to 10 other quality submissions with 500 Nuggets each. How to get them? Super easy! Create a video that meets the following criteria:

  • Is entirely in English,
  • Shows the game,
  • Has your voice-over explaining the game, as opposed relying only on text on the screen,
  • Is max 60 seconds long.

See the video in this post for an example!
Video Example

Submit your video as a separate post in our Facebook Group by Tuesday 20th of October!
Make sure that your video is directly playable on Facebook, and that you tag the post with the #TheWestVideoContest2020 hashtag, so we can find it easily!

The Terms and Conditions of the contest can be found HERE !

Happy Recording,
Your The West Team
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