Veteran horse & Heavy ammo belt


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Now it´s a new set... Well it is worth to go away for 1 month doing something else and back into the game to get those prizes.
There are at least a dozen of those sets that were created for players who reached the custom set and avatar friend points reward.


What they didn't say is that the Veteran horse we all got - has now morphed into the Volta's black beauty...

Support ticket is going in as soon as i get back to the game as this is obviously an error... Way to go on trying to bring some of us wayward souls back into the game and then just scramble everything up with sloppy codings and make us wonder who the heck is grading your typing tests...


So you are rewarded for being inactive? :O

Can someone who has the horse tell us about the set bonus?
Firstly sorry for Grave-Digging, but as no-one has provided the information I'll do so about the horse.