Version 2.07 has been released!

Discussion in 'The Western Star' started by Da Twista, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Just to inform you, version 2.07 has been released onto the EN worlds. Here is the changelog:

    Release Notes - The West - Version 2.07 Main Features
    • Item rework in order to have items of all kinds in all level ranges that are all fair and well balanced, we changed bonuses, level requirements and dollar values of 180 items and added 280 new ones. With the update we will also reset all town traders. They will offer new items then. We also adjusted many chests and achievements in order to fit the new balancing.
    • Friends bar: The friends bar provides an overview about your friends, town members and alliance members. Via the friendsbar you directly see who is online and have quick access to messaging or whispering them or show their profile. The friendsbar can be hidden for the case you need the screen space for fort battle plannings or other things.
    • First purchaser bonus (After purchasing nuggets one time you will get an additional free play for the Traveling fair - permanent feature)
    • Tax refund images have been changed
    • Singular form for two strings added
    • Level requirement for quest line "The raid" set to 88 from 84
    • Preparations for Main Story 3 (Will start in a few weeks)
    • 2 changes on "The perfect heist" (One time requirement and one item requirement changed)
    • Required for a quest icon disappears early when only one of multiple quests are finished
    • Random events were still in German
    • Whispering tab/windows stick open
    • Quest line ID 85 "The six bandits" changes
    • tw_task_sleep entry without room
    • Quest ID 277 bad job icon visualization
    • Town forum crashes
    • The button for the blackboard in a town needs to be changed
    • Glitch/bug: showlink
    • [Achievement "Warrior"] Complete fifty duels has problem to be completed
    • Problem with "bold" on a string
    • Black mountains ID 1005 and ID 1006 changes
    • "Duella null" and wrong tooltip
    • Some ingame forum links do not work
    • Achievement id 50075 has wrong requirements
    • Friends bar toggle arrows are hidden if a vertical scroll bar appears