Version 2.0 has been released!!

Discussion in 'The Western Star' started by Da Twista, Oct 31, 2012.

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    Jan 13, 2009
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    Version 2.0 has been released on all worlds here on .net.

    Release Notes - The West - Version West 2.0

    Main features

    • New unique map
      We have completely redone the map. All new hand-made, living and diverse map with high quality graphics that creates a whole new playing experience.
    • Easier and quicker game start
      Starting as a Greenhorn in The West is more fun than ever before. A short but exciting new tutorial leads you smoothly into the game and shows the most important features available.
    • New user interface layout
      The West 2.0 has now moved away from the classic browser game interface with bold borders and text buttons. It now offers an intuitive, clear and modern interface in Fullscreen MMORPG style!
    • Improved job system
      Each job has a fix job time ranging from 15 seconds up to 2 hours to serve both active players and those who want to play more relaxed.
    • All screens have now been updated to the new layout
      The look and style of all old in-game windows has been improved. Furthermore, many of them offer new functions (Final screens: Fort battle, fort buildings, job screen, redesigned saloon, questbook and a lot more).
    • Animated characters on the map
      There are 5 different animations for 5 different activities your character can do on the map. This way you can easily see whether your character is sleeping, working or idle.
    • Completely reworked chat system
      Single chat rooms are divided into tabs, you can create your own chat rooms and the chat window has a lot of customization options.

    Other features

    • There are more than 25 hotkeys that can be used to open screens or navigate on the map. A full list of them can be found in the options.
    • For GameDesign reasons, all experience values had to be raised by 3 for all game modules.
    • New improved Minimap (Items you can collect from markets can be shown, search functions for products and jobs, and a lot more filters).
    • New job overview screen with a lot of new functions
    • Travel end points as well as the travel route are graphically highlighted on the map now.
    • New level-up and congratulation screen
    • Some features are blocked for newer players until the feature is required. (NPC duels are blocked until needed for the tutorial, Saloon is blocked until the tutorial is completed, Traveling salesman is blocked until the tutorial is completed, Skill screen is blocked until player reaches level 2, crafting blocked until the player reaches level 20, questbook blocked until the tutorial is completed and market is blocked until player reaches level 5).
    • Clothe calculation added to job window that automatically filters your inventory for the best clothing.
    • New poster quest giver that offers daily quests in the Saloon; all repeatable quests can be found here.
    • New Emoticons have been added to the town forum and chat. Emoticons can now be used everywhere.
    • Product chests in the Item shop, quests, product buy costs and product drop chances were reworked to fit to the new Job system.
    • Small changes to the Greenhorn set (Full set bonus: General Labour point bonus reduced to 25 from 50, +30 Hunting turkey instead of 25; +25 Cowboy instead of 30).
    • Notification and reports are sent to all town members when a building reaches new level.
    • The number of NPC duel opponents has been reduced by one to fit to the new screen design.
    • Automation premium buy button has been added to the 5th taskbar spot if you haven't activated it yet.
    • Glow to the backpack-button added once a new item was found.
    • Travel achievements have been adjusted.
    • Poker is no longer available in the game.

    Improvements of existing features

    • Improved fort construction cost balancing (more resources are needed in 2.0).
    • The KO message now says how long you have to wait until you can duel again.
    • "Show town on the map" button has been added to towns without town profiles.
    • A Link to the town hall has been added to alliance invitation report.
    • The Exact character deletion time has been removed to avoid confusion.
    • Tooltip now shows complete instant buy price on the market.
    • Fort Battles start time has been added to Pony Express options.
    • Your Registration date has been added to character stats.
    • In some texts there was no difference when addressing a male or female player, this has been changed.
    • Accepting town invites is possible directly in the report.
    • We have changed the graphic of town subforum buttons.


    • In very rare cases in-game money got lost in bank transactions.
    • If title+nickname is too long, nickname was not shown in ranking.
    • Opening the sell tab on the market and the merchant results in both popups appearing.
    • Several Text errors fixed.
    • Multiple reports in the chat appeared instead of only one.
    • You can't bid more than 1,000,000$ with entered separators.
    • Error message after activating vacation mode removed.
    • Line break added if comments on Market are too long.
    • Female achievement report title for "Free man Belle Coco" was wrong.
    • Translation problems with " ' " fixed
    • Canceled sleep tasks didn't count for the achievements.

    For a more detailed explanation on most of the new features, you can visit our West 2.0 Feature Explanation Guide.

    Encountered any problems? Please see our V2.0 Bug list.

    For a full discussion on 2.0 please visit our West 2.0 discussion.
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  2. Da Twista

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    Jan 13, 2009
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    With the release of version 2.0. World 1 will be changing premium systems from classic premium to enhanced premium.

    The following features will then be available:

    • Placate Shaman
    • Item delivery
    • Halve waytime
    • Buy products
    • Deposit cash
    This change will be in effect later this week.