Valentines day event 2015


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I didn't even notice that part, and you sounded as if this had been a thing for a long while, which it hasn't in that case. It's new for this event then, and yeah - that might be so. In that case, so be it. But I was talking more generally about the last 6 months or so, when that hasn't in fact been the case. Things change and you weren't very clear about it being new ( especially since you talked about events in plural). If that's the case from now on I really don't mind, it also makes much more sense.


And yeah, the achievment seems to be glitched. I got last years achievement on Colorado, with a character I created in January this year - and didn't get this year's achievement.


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Valentines Even

For the Valentines set. how many hearts to I need. i see that @ 140000 I get a chest is that the Valentines set or do I need a bunch more for that set?



90000 hearts - Swan
130000 hearts - Premium Box
180000 hearts - Romeo box.

They have been shuffling the quests around for the last 2 years... that´s why some players ignore the informations that are on the game. Because they will change sometime later.
(a local support explained that the timeframe of the questline, when i reported the bug that the Lakota blanket was auctionable, because the first quest was a 1 time only quest for this event. So they made the blanket auctionable so people that get it can sell it sometime later to players that join after the event finishs)

Lucky Cro

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About Achievement... what I have noticed under my achievements is this:

2014 achievement we got is under Heroic deeds...

2015 really do think it's one that is placed under Events...

Just read what it says on both.. text is same on both, different title, but same thing.. so it looks like there is some sort of bug on getting it.

Yes on that world we did unlock that world prize!

Can somebody form game administrators look into that?! And give us explanation on things?


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Support told me that the achievement bug will be fixed in a future update and we'll get our correct achievements then. If we're still having trouble after that they can look into the specific cases then and fix them manually :)

neel shah

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Valentines Quest, the one which was the reward for the world heart achievement, was it a times questline ?

I hope someone can throw light on it .

Thank you.

neel shah

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Damn, I thought it would be available whole year like last time.

Thanks for the quick reply, though. :)

Big John1970

Bit disappointed in that I was just short of the Romeo chest. Ah well. Ce la vie.