Valentine's Day 2017 discussion

Pankreas PorFavor

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Maybe other people will have comments, I will start with this one:
I play in AZ and Briscoe. The large heart bag is on discount in both worlds, so I will assume it is not a coincidence. While it is a really nice thing to do, it is at the same time a sort of a slap in the face for those who purchased it yesterday and spent 120 bonds/nuggets more. If I bought this item just a couple of hours later, I'd have 2500 hearts less, but 120 bonds more. I could have bought 3x Mate tea, that 300% energy that would've earned me more than those 2500 hearts. All in all, Inno made a nice gesture that made me feel stupid.
Is this going to be a regular thing? When we're going to collect Easter eggs, will there be a similar discount?

I heard w11 and Galveston have it on sale, while w12 and Colorado don't. I still don't like this.
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Well, on Fairbanks was also discounted, but on Colorado we have Soap opera belt on discount now :(
I guess it's random with high probability for bag discount...


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I noticed there is no reward that opens up a quest-line this year. Does that mean we can not get the "Night Scarf" from the sleepyhead set this year?


Why doesn't Large Heart Bag last for duration of the whole event?
I have just looked my bag and it says it expires in 16 days and event lasts for 21 more days!
Well spotted Zemljače. It is same for small hearts bag. I submitted bug ticket.

Well spotted Zemljače. It is same for small hearts bag. I submitted bug ticket.
Fast response from support:

"We are aware of this issue and It should be fixed soon."
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Lucky Cro

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So support will top up on 20k as minimal we are losing on hearts on us if bags aren't fixed to what they should provide for whole duration of event?!
(since i don't see it as next update fix... and as i heard people said about this issue on beta forum before event started here)

p.s.... wrong gender Fafer ;)


As Fafer has said, we've reported the issue and are anticipating a fix in the near future, preferably before the date on which the bag is set to expire.


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Tell me about it - this is the SECOND time since the event began (and since I bought the bag for 600 bonds) that it has been on sale for 480 bonds in AZ.
Thanks to Inno for making sure we know they don't care. When's the last time the same item was on discount in the bond shop twice in the same week?


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Need 1 item from matoaka set and 20 spins today later and still need 1 more item from matoaka set. im not feeling the love


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40 spins and close to 2k bonds later i finally have the full set. got to start bond farming for easter