v2 add logoff button and hellp button

Good Feather

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I cant stand that I have to click on a hidden area to logoff. Even in Forge of Empires I had a logoff button on the main screen. Help button is not really a goal of mine but it does balance out the 2 sides of buttons.

Current Workaround
Click on the tinny tiny little gear on the sidebar to logoff or look for help

I play several worlds and logon/off frequently. Having to click on a small gear to logoff is tedious.

Visual Aids

Suggest adding 2 buttons. Where they go is not a concern of mine, but as long as they are on the main toolbar where they are not hidden is a plus. In the above graphic the help button is on the far left. The logoff button is on the far right.

Give players a quicker way to logff is the main goal of this idea post. Also for new players adding a help button that links to either the tutorial or the wiki help is a great idea for newcomers.


Do you play on public computers a lot? I almost never log off and just switch worlds in the same tab with history and don't really see the point. I'd rather see a town forums button instead of a log off button, or allow customization by adding whatever buttons we choose.