using a sports league as a model for fort battles and alliances

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can you name an interesting and vibrant sports league where there are only 2 or 3 viable competitors?

my guess is that you are unable.

that is because any successful sports league has 2 things ~
• at least a dozen viable teams
• and all the teams have roster caps

unfortunately, many worlds in the west are dead, or are dying off because fort fighting has become a monopoly and the vast majority of world players are excluded, disenfranchised, and left out of the fun and excitement of fort battles.

in our world, twice a day, the same pool of 300 +/- players take up all the available battle spots, and a huge potential pool of players evaporates out of boredom and disenfranchisement.

2 years ago colorado had 20,000 players, now the population is barely 1,900.

a monopoly of forts by one alliance is always the outcome of a flawed 2 alliance fort-battle mentality. just as a sports league where there are only 2 competitors is completely boring and doomed, so is a game world with only 2 alliances competing for all the forts.

in order to save colorado from the fate befallen other worlds, and also reinvigorate our game world, i propose the following for consideration:

• holes, uc, and popsicles each split into 2 alliances thereby creating 7 competitive alliances (including the searchers)
• alliances, just as teams in a sports league, would agree to a roster cap (in the range of 150 players)
• when an alliance reaches it's roster cap, it then would send players to smaller alliances with the goal of boosting their rosters and thus creating more viable fort battle competitors.
• all alliances would actively help each other to recruit new game players onto the teams that are below roster caps.
• on a bi-annual basis, all the competitive alliances would participate in a "trading week" in which players would be shifted amongst the alliances to create balance and a higher degree of competitiveness.
• with fort battles and alliances treated as a sports league, our world would then be able to create round-robin tournament schedules rather than the current completely uninspired 3 alliance dig rotation.

the bottom line is that by treating fort battles and alliances as a sports league with the goal of having 10-12 viable competitors, rather that a 2 alliance fort battle monopoly, our game world would be able to include as many of our world's 1,900 population and keep players engaged in our world, thus putting a brake on colorado's population decline.

further, colorado would then have a template the other game worlds could emulate and thus curtail population declines in the other game worlds.

i know there will be some high level resistance to this idea, but again the question is ~ how many exciting sports leagues have only 2 or 3 competitors?


Players are always going to hold grudges against enemies no matter what so with 7 competitive alliances you will end up back to square 1 where the same pool of players are supporting the same side and nothing will change. Sure it's boring with 2 or 3 competitors but if you want real competition 300 players is not enough. No alliances are going to move with the enemies to create balance since they don't want to fight alongside them.


7 alliances, lol. That's literally openly asking for more chaos.