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Technically this thread is the only list of "allowed" UserScripts (Since I was a moderator at the time of making it) - and anything else that's not here is considered "illegal".

2nd one of which list lol.

The list has been updated since that was said. A lot of scripts are now disabled and merged into one :

This one is now 2nd on the list. I've yet to get an answer on if its "legal"

roland jacobs

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I see battles are still imported for some worlds on westforts.com. I'm not able to upload battles anymore, receiving ' An error has occurred. '. I've enabled cookies, cross-site, popups, 3rd party cookies,

I attempted this with firefox, chrome, edge (new version)

Any advice?

roland jacobs

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i looked at the network source code. the site requires flash to be enabled. most browsers discontinued flash support starting in Jan 2021. Install an older version of your browser (2020) and it will work for the import.


the inventory search buttons are gone. so are the collection and missing item boxes in market. in fact everything market related is gone