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On the other hand, it is not clear whether the job highlighting is considered a violation or not.
if the script doesn't search for the bonus jobs, but only highlights them after you found them manually (some other scripts do that too - show bonus jobs you found in the minimap, allow export and import of bonus job locations), then it should be OK.
but I am not a member of staff, you'll need to wait for their comment. personally, I'd go ahead and use it.


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The link to The West Best Friends script by Diggo11 seems to not be working. Can someone update the post with the newest link?


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Yes, thwt is a good alternative. Though, issue is it is very resource intensive, many have said it's not the most optimal one, and puts unnecessary pressure on the servers by sendingsexcessive requests.

Although, TW friends has undergone some updates. Have the issues been fixed?


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This is something I wanted to do around 3 years ago but gave up on the idea when I quit playing the game. I'm doing this now, as I've been getting a lot of messages on the Beta forums regarding some of the UserScripts I've created, as they are rather difficult to find after I've changed my GitHub username.

Right. I made an Open Source organisation on GitHub, where I will be hosting all my UserScripts and people can easily download them and/or contribute to them. I'm encouraging all remaining (if any) JavaScript-enthusiasts (or people willing to learn) to join the org, as an attempt to help each other (since I'm not really maintaining my scripts anymore .-.). If you want to join feel free to PM me with your GitHub username and I will add you to the org and give you access to contribute to all repos, or add your own.

Please try to follow the basic Git Flow when contributing to already existing projects.

You can find a list of all the scripts (currently only mine) here: https://the-west-scripts.github.io/
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