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I'm unaware of such calendar, but can tell you that the next timed quest is "Independence Day" 01-07-2013 -> 14-07-2014
I hope that in game haven't time limited quests crossing by time. And this way I have time before 14.07 that I have been observed game more detail ))

For Independence Day I was finded 4 coal, so I'm ready.


i have a question does the bonds cap raise from 2000 at a certian level ?

if not why does the vet chest cost 2100 bonds when 2000 is the cap ?



Withdraw a bid?

Is there a way to withdraw an auction bid? or do I have to wait till someone outbids me?

Big John1970

As the money is already taken from your account/pocket when you place the bid, the only way to get that money back is for someone to outbid you.

Kidd Kalypso

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And plz be aware, if you bid with cash instead of bank........if you do get outbid, the money will be there for duelers to take. Now, where are you again? LOL


County Names??

How does a county get a name? I noticed that some have the normal numbers but others have names.


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County names are set by the founders of whichever town owns the large fort in that county. The ones that have numbers just haven't been named.


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When it says "Shoot", it means you have to KO them in a duel, ie. their health points must reach zero. He has 600 HP and mirrors your stats and stance, so just equip your best weapon and appearance clothes and stand up straight in all eight rounds.
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