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If your question isn't covered here, be sure to search, check The West Stats, and check Gem's Helpful Reference Section. Be sure to also see Denisero's Newbie Starter Guide. For the old FAQ, see Frequently Asked Question(s) (I've unstickied it to save space). See also Forts! Frequently Asked Questions.

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Note: I'll be trying to keep this thread clean. If you have a question that isn't covered here, please follow the instructions above and start a new thread if you can't find the answer. If you have a question that should be added, and I know there are many, or have clarification or correction to an existing question, I'll consider it and then delete the post whether or not it's added to the FAQ.
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Q. How do I search?
A. Either click the Search at the top of any forum page and enter your keywords in the box to do a quick search, or click Advanced Search after clicking Search to do a more specific search. Advanced search will generally give you better results. Clicking Search this Thread at the top of any thread will let you search within the current thread.

The actual search terms. To find a thread specific to your query, changing "Search Entire Post" to "Search Title Only" might give you the best results, although not all threads have the most helpful titles. It's still the best bet, but you may have to try several searches to get a useful thread.

Searching entire post can still be useful, because your answer will sometimes be found within another thread, without being the main topic. Be careful. Very common keywords, e.g. soldier, will give so many results as to be effectively useless.

User Name
Only useful if you remember a specific user posting something you're looking for.

Search in Forums
Very helpful in limiting your results, e.g. search Ideas and Brainfarts if you want to see if your idea has been suggested before, Questions and Guides to see if your question has been asked before, etc. We try hard to keep threads in the appropriate sections, so selecting the proper section for your query should limit unhelpful results. Search this Forum at the top of every forum page will let you search the current forum.

Show Results as Threads/Posts
Generally, select based on whether you searched title only or entire posts. Showing results as threads might still be best if you did search entire posts, but threads with many replies might require a lot of reading to find what you're looking for.

You can also use Google to search the forums. Simply Google the terms and add [noparse]site:http://forum.the-west.net[/noparse] to do a site search.
Q. Why isn't searching for <Insert quest name> yielding any results
A. Spoilers involving secret quests aren't allowed. Old quests will give results, but newer quests will be confined to Quest Discussion, which cannot currently be searched. Pretty much all secret and recent quests will have a thread which can be found with a little scrolling. Please take a couple minutes to look before starting a new thread.​
Q. How do I quote posts?
A. To quote a single post, click the
in the lower right hand corner of that post.

To quote multiple posts, click the
in the lower right hand corner of any post to select it. If it's already selected, the icon will change to
, and clicking it will cause the post to be deselected. If you've already posted, and wish to add another quote to your previous post, all you can really do is click the Quote button to reply to the other post, copy the code and quote, and edit your previous post, adding the new quote and any reply.

Please be economical with quotes: there's no need to ever quote an entire long post. In the case of a long OP (original post, also original poster, with meaning depending on the context), no quote is really necessary. If you're replying to the last post, quoting isn't absolutely necessary. If replying to a post between the first and last post, and it's a long post, keep the quote as brief as possible, with only the most relevant text. If the entire post is relevant, just quote the first or first few sentences. You can also just type "@User:" to show that you're replying to a single person's posts.
Q. How do I edit my post?
A. Click the
button in the lower right hand corner of your post. You can also delete your own posts by clicking Edit and Delete. The only exception is the first post in a thread, which would delete the thread, and only moderators can delete threads.
Q. How do I add smileys to my post?
A. A lot of them are standard, and will automatically be entered when you enter the corresponding emoticon, e.g.:
[noparse]:)[/noparse] --> :)
Others uses emotes, e.g.:
[noparse]:laugh:[/noparse] --> :laugh:
Complete list: Smilies

You'll also have the option to add them to a post if you're in advanced mode. Clicking Reply or Quote will automatically put you in advanced mode. If using the Quick Reply at the bottom of the thread page, click the "Go Advanced" button.

Be economical in using smileys. Too many is just obnoxious, and only posting smileys with no text is considered spam and will be dealt with accordingly.​
Q. How do I use BB Code?
A. It's explained here: BB code
Q. How do I post images?
A. Two ways. You can add an image as an attachment, which will put a thumbnail in the post linked to the full image. Images are uploaded to the forum server. This option is only possible for fairly small images, as far as file size goes.

The other way is using the BB code image tags: [noparse]
[/noparse], with the URL of the image going between the tags. Be aware of Forum Rules regarding image size (720 max width, 540 max height) and copyrighted material. Larger images (larger than 640 x 480 in fact) will be resized in the post, but the rules still apply.

Hotlinking images by posting them directly from other people's servers isn't recommended, as it's often blocked. You often won't even know that hotlinking is blocked because you'll see the cached image while everyone else sees a replacement image. Using an image hosting site like Photobucket, ImageShack, or TinyPic is recommended. I prefer imgur. You can type the code manually or click the
button at the top of the Reply window in Quick or Advanced mode, and enter the URL of the pic.​
Q. How do I start a poll?
A. You can't. You have to ask the moderator for that board to do it, which should be Saloon or Off Topic, in which case it's me, or a specific world board, in which case look at the bottom of that board. There's no guarantee we'll do it though. Avoiding excessive polls is the reason it was disabled for regular users in the first place.​
Q. Who the hell do you think you are?
A. Is that a rhetorical question?​
Q. What do the titles mean under peoples' names in forums?
A. They're based on post-count. See Titles for a list. Deputy sheriffs and sheriffs are moderators and super moderators. Marshals and Deputy Marshals are in-game moderators. Rangers have various special duties. Custom titles, like Boot Thief, generally indicate an admin.​
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[jumpfrom]skills[/jumpfrom]Skills and Attributes

Q. How should I spend my attribute (AP) and skill points (SP)?
A. It depends on your class and specific activities.

Dueler (dueler, soldier, any other classes specced for dueling): You can duel casually with other builds, dueling people you know aren't specced for dueling, are poorly equipped, or you know have low health, but to be a good dueler, you absolutely need to be specced for it. See Dueling basics & Guide to Dueling. I'll link a new guide when one is available as a recent update has made them less relevant. Pure resistance builds are a big casualty as 50% of reflex and toughness no longer affect melee and ranged weapons respectively.

Fort Fighter: Your primary interest is fort battles. See the wiki for the skills used. Bonuses from your skills are shown below the list. You can spread your skills however you like, but keep in mind diminishing returns on bonuses. +4 only requires 32 skill points, while doubling that to +8 will require 181 skill points. The one fort skill that isn't mentioned is perhaps the most important: health. Instead of spending another 42 SP to raise your bonus from one skill from +6 to +7, you could have added another 420 hp, or 630 for a soldier or 840 for a premium soldier.

If you plan on being a pure fort fighter, your only attributes should be strength and mobility, because there are two red and green fort skills (including health), but only one each blue and yellow.

Jobber:Your primary interest is jobs, whether for XP, cash, or item drops. Traditionally, pure builds, in which all SP were in one skill and all AP were in the corresponding attribute. Trapping/shooting, hiding, and trading were three of the most popular. Leadership became much more popular when forts were implemented. You could also find another skill that complements the original skill well, i.e. there are many higher difficulty jobs that use both skills, or at the very least the same attribute. See the outdated Pure Class Guides for more information on pure builds. After 1.27, pure builds again became useful, after which labor points had a much greater effect on cash and dropped item value.

Pure builds gave way to all-job builds. They were a great option for people interested in quests, since you could do any jobs required for new quests as they became available. These builds are also great for crafters, as they allow you go be more self sufficient. With the new jobs added in 1.30, all jobs are no longer possible without spending nuggets on skill points or using LP buffs. The best you can hope for now is most jobs.

Builder: Generally this only applies to workers, but most workers respec away from construction eventually, so there's nothing wrong with a soldier or adventurer going pure construction. As with other pure builds, this means all AP in strength and all SP in construction. With 1.30, the addition of jobs like construct casino and construct mission made construction much more useful as a job skill. It wasn't bad before, but all construction jobs were unlocked by the 40s. In the future, building deterioration may be implemented which will mean towns will always need someone capable of building. 1.35 has made pure construction an even better XP build with the implementation of unlimited building levels for churches, with other buildings to follow. Very high level buildings give great XP, though there is a random factor.

Quester: A popular build among new players. For the most part, spending SP to unlock jobs as quests which require them is a bad idea. For lower level quests, it works, but eventually you'll find yourself far from being able to do more difficult quest jobs like transporting prisoners and burglary. An all old-jobs build will take you further, though you won't always be able to do quests as they become available. A high percentage of quest jobs can be done with gear alone, especially with the addition of pants and belts, though the best gear won't be available to low level players due to cost and level requirements.​
Q. Can I change my skills?
A. Yes. At level 14, the Waupee's Grandfather quest group becomes available. Upon completion, the shaman becomes available through the Skills menu. 1.35 has also given us the Union Pacific Shop which sells Potions of Forgetfulness, Weakening, and New Beginning, which reset SP, AP, and SP and AP respectively, though they aren't cheap.
Q. How do I use the shaman?
A. Click the below image in the upper right hand corner of the Skills menu to activate the shaman. Clicking on the attribute and skill icons now buys back AP and SP instead of using them. You cannot have anything queued (jobs, travel, sleeping, etc) or you will not be able to Confirm.


Q. How much does the shaman cost?
A. AP cost $250 each to start and go up by $50 per point unskilled. SP cost $50 each to start and go up by $10 per point unskilled. AP and SP both go back down at the rate of $10 per day until they return to the starting costs. The cost drops 24 hours after the shaman was last used. On worlds with Expanded or Complete Premium, the Placate Shaman premium is available, which resets the point costs to $250 and $50 in exchange for 18 nuggets.
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Q. What is the difference between items and products?
A. This may seem like an odd question now, but products have changed a bit. Originally, the vast majority of products dropped from specific jobs and the rest were a few quest drops. All were equippable and none gave bonuses. They're still special items, but they've changed. There are now four different kinds of products - job products, luck drops, quest products, and usable items - and job products are no longer even represent 50% of all products.

Job products are those that are shown to drop in a job window, such as the trout and fishing rod below. The chances of finding the product shown in the "activity window" for that job. Some jobs have more than one product and some products can be found on more than one job. The percentage chance of finding each is shown under the product image.


Some jobs - break up gangs, build palisades, dig for rare gemstones, white water transport, and work as a traveling merchant - drop random products from a specific list of products. Break up gangs, white water transport, and work as a traveling merchant have a large list of possible product drops, with some dropping more often than others. Dig for rare gemstones only drops gem-like products: coal, uncut rubies, uncut emeralds, and uncut diamonds. Build palisades only drops tool-like products: hammer, sledge hammer, saw, and sickle. Recipes seem to drop as random products from break up gangs and work as a traveling merchant (and possibly white water transport).

Job products are required for crafting and quests. Not all products currently have a purpose, but that can easily change, so it's worth hanging on to all job products unless you're desperate for cash.

Luck drops are products like the walking stick shown in the image below and Kudram's parasol. They can be found on any job in which their value is in the range of the player's luck values for the job. They can also be purchased on the Market and sometimes received as quest rewards.

Quest products are a special case. They drop on specific jobs where certain requirements are met. Sometimes it's just a level requirement, sometimes they require a quest to be accepted and the product is required for the next step. Examples include a bloody piece of fabric and the various stages of the golden weapons.

Usable items are another special case. Instead of being equipped, clicking an item causes it to be consumed and trigger some event, such as recovering 15% motivation to all jobs by using liquorice or receiving an item by using a chest received as a quest or achievement reward or purchased from the Union Pacific shop.
Buffs give you bonuses. Some are active buffs which act instantaneously and raise for example your hit points, energy points, or motivation, though none can be raised beyond your max, or decrease your active travel time. For more details, see Buff types.

Containers contain one or more items. Normal containers only contain one item and have "Contains an item" listed in the description as the effect. Containers holding multiple items say "Something to unpack..."

Recipes give you the ability to craft a specific item, assuming you have the right crafting profession and enough skill points in the profession to learn it.
A product's type isn't always obvious and varies between similar products. Pieces of a note part 1, 2, 3 are all quest items, but part 1 is a luck drop, part 2 is a job product, and part 3 is a quest reward. Key 1 and key 2 are both quest rewards, but key 3 is a quest drop that acts a lot like a luck drop. Recipes are usable items that can drop as random job products (see above) or as luck drops.

Products besides usable items may be equipped in the product slot in the lower left corner of your Equipment window.

Q. How can I find <insert name of product>?
A. See West Stats product list or the Wiki article on products. You can also use TW-DB's product list. Type all or part of the product's name in the text box to filter the list and make it easier to find the desired product.
Q. But why can't I find <insert name of product>?
A. It just takes time! Keep trying, but make sure you're doing at least 15-minute jobs and not 5 minutes, or 30-minute jobs instead of 10 on worlds with two-hour jobs. Some people will suggest not accepting the quest until you have the required products. I do it myself, but I don't think having an open quest actually affects your chances; I think it's purely psychological. As of 1.31, all job products can also be sold on the market.
Q. How do I take down posters for Maya?
A. You don't. For all quests requiring products, all that matters is the product itself. Don't worry about any quest that implies a different job, just check Products to find out on which job a product can be acquired, in this case you need to do the job putting up posters to acquire posters. To figure out exactly what you need to complete a quest, look under Requires, not Target, in the quest window.
Q. What is the point of equipping a product?
A. Back in the day, there was no reason. People just equipped products because they look cool, to show off a job they can do, or similar reasons. A few products; e.g. walking stick, Kudram's parasol, fireworks rocket, bag of marbles, and compass; give bonuses by themselves; others give bonuses as part of item sets; and some unlock hidden quests. Quests with product requirements occasionally require a product to be equipped.
Q. How can I find <insert name of item>?
A. It's possible to find a specific item as a luck drop on a job, but for normal gear that isn't recommended. It's just not a reliable method for all but the rarest items. You can either search the Market in any town for someone selling the item you need, check your Trader and hope to get luck, or you can use TW-DB's Shops tool to find a town which has the item in it's shops.

Once you find town which sells the item, you'll either need to get an invite to the town to shop or get a member of the town to post the item for you, either of which is recommended, as you'll save 75% off non-resident prices, besides any fees.
Q. Does the level requirement for gear refer to character level or dueling level?
A. Character level.
Q. Then why did I see someone with a weapon equipped for which the player's level is too low?
A. Because he's a soldier. One of their class advantages is that they can equip a weapon 3 levels higher than the level given for the weapon, 6 levels with premium.​
Q. Can "guns" be used in duels?
A. No. Only weapons called Dueling weapon (firearm) or Dueling weapon (melee) in their descriptions are used in duels and only weapons called guns are used in fort battles. When equipped, dueling weapons are on the left side of your equipment window and fort weapons are on the right side.


Dueling weapons are still useful in fort battles because of the bonuses they provide. Fort weapons are useful only when participating in a fort battle, although they may give other bonuses as well, such as the golden gun, Death's scythe, Collector's gun, and bear.
Q. What are the talisman and stone chain for?
A. They have no use and it seems unlikely they ever will, since so many are already in game. Just in case, I don't usually sell them, and at the very least you might want to keep one of each.
Q. Where can I sell unneeded items?
A. Items can be sold for the sell price to any shop in any town or in the trader (image below) which can be access from your inventory. Most items can also be sold to other players via the market. For items that can be bought in shops, the minimum price is the item's sell price and the maximum is the item's external buy price, or eight time the sell price. For other items, e.g. products, named items, and Sleepyhead set items, the minimum is the buy price and there is no maximum. There's no guarantee anyone will pay what you're asking. I prefer a quick sale to posting an item over and over until finding a price that people will pay.


Before you sell anything, consider that there are currently no inventory limits and you can't lose items by being dueled or passing out from a work injury. Don't sell anything until you absolutely need the cash. Also, make sure it really is unneeded. Check Complete List of Quest Product Requirements (needs updating) or the Quests section on TW-DB or West Stats first. Also, many products are useful for crafting.
Q. Why can't I change gear?
A. There are several possible reasons, most of which are obvious. If you try to change gear during a fort battle, with a duel queued, or when doing so will take you below 0 LP for a queued job, you will be told as much. The error message that is less apparent is the one that says you're wearing invalid gear. There are two possible causes for this. If you're a soldier with premium character advantage and a weapon four to six levels above your own equipped and premium expires you will be unable to change gear until you remove the weapon or renew premium. It also occurs when you try to change gear with an LP buff running and removing the gear will give you negative LP without taking the buff into consideration.​
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Q. What are labor points?
A. Labor points, or LP, equal the sum of the five skills the job uses, including equipment bonuses, minus the difficulty of the job.​
Q. How can I get more LP?
A. By leveling up (each level gives 1 AP and 3 SP to spend), by changing gear, and by completing quests that give SP or AP as rewards. Most gear just gives AP and/or SP bonuses, but some item sets include LP bonuses for specific jobs. There are also various character buffs that increase your LP or give skill bonuses for a certain number of actions.
Q. Why can't I see <insert name of job>?
A. You don't have enough labor points (LP). You need at least 0 LP to be able to do a job and you have to be within a certain distance of being able to do the job depending on your level. You can see jobs that you are farther away from doing as your level gets higher. To find the skills used and difficulty, see Jobs on West Stats.

Third party tools, such as TW-DB's job calculator will tell you your LP for all jobs and the best gear available.
Q. How do I trade with Indians?
A. Trading with Indians is just another job. It has the same skills as trading (set traps, 2x trading, 2x appearance) and 223 difficulty.​
Q. How long should I work?
A. Anything but 5 minutes on worlds with one-hour max job lengths, or 10 minutes on worlds with two-hour jobs. Numbers are based on 15-minute jobs (or 30-minutes on worlds with two-hour jobs), with 30 minutes being two 15-minute jobs and one hour being four 15-minute jobs. With 5 minutes, the numbers are divided by three, including the chances of finding a product.
Example 1: The job harvesting grain has a 55% chance of finding grain. 15 minutes gives one 55% chance of finding grain. 1 hour gives four 55% chances of finding grain, so you can find up to four grains. If you do the job for 5 minutes, however, you have one 18 ⅓% chance of finding grain (55 / 3 = 18 ⅓)

Example 2: The job silver mining has 76% wages. Doing it for one hour (2h world 1) will earned four times as much money as doing it for 15 minutes. If you do it for 5 minutes, wages would be the equivalent of 25⅓%.​
Working longer durations increases the chances of finding an item, but also the risk of injury.​
Q. What do the numbers mean in the job window?

. The cash earned on the job, which is based on the job's wage value, your labor points for that job, your motivation, and the job duration. The number shown in the window would be the money you earned for the selected job duration at your current motivation, but the actual results are based on the final motivation, e.g. if selecting the maximum duration shows $100 and your motivation is 100%, you will earn $94 ($100 * 0.94). If the number is green, it means you have the Higher income premium activated for a 50% bonus to wages, which is included in the number shown.


(XP). The experience earned on the job, which is based on the job's XP value, your motivation, and the job duration. The number shown in the window would be the XP you earned for the selected job duration at your current motivation, but the actual results are based on the final motivation, e.g. if selecting the maximum duration shows 100 XP and your motivation is 100%, you will earn 94 XP (100 * 0.94).


. The number determines the value of an item that can be found, not the probability of finding an item. The luck value is based only on the job's luck value and labor points. Motivation has no effect on item value. The Higher income premium increases item value by 50%.

The bar to the left of the number shows your chances of finding an item. The probability of finding an item on a job is the same for all jobs. It is reduced by motivation and increased by wearing Holiday set items and by the 10% adventurer class bonus.


Danger. The number determines how serious an injury will be when working on the job and the bar shows your chances of getting injured. With high danger, it's possible to receive a serious enough injury to cause you to pass out, which cancels the current job (and any other scheduled tasks) as though it was never started. Health and energy are reduced to zero. If you belong to a town, you'll automatically begin sleeping for eight hours in the best available hotel room. If you have no town, you stay where you are. The severity of the injury is reduced by having higher LP, so it's important not to do high risk jobs with low LP. If you do, schedule them for late in the day when you're low on energy. The chances of getting hurt are also affected by LP and by job duration. Adventurers are 10% less likely to be injured.


. The number and bar both show your current motivation. Motivation goes down as you work on a job and goes up over time. Lower motivation means lower wages, XP, and item drop rate, although job product drops are unaffected. Working the longest duration reduces motivation by 6%, with shorter durations reducing motivation proportionally. On worlds with two-hour max job duration, motivation increases by 10% per 24 hours. The rate is constant, i.e. 0.41667% per hour. On worlds with one-hour max job duration, motivation rises twice as fast.
Q. When doing a job, when can I change gear?
A. As soon as the job is scheduled, LP is calculated based on the gear you currently have equipped. After queuing your jobs, you can change gear for the next job or change to defensive dueling gear. The only stipulation is that you must have at least 0 LP with all scheduled jobs. Any clothing change that will take you below 0 LP will not be allowed. Hovering over the job icons in the work bars on the sides of the screen show the LP at the time the job was queued.


There is an exception when an LP buff is in use. In changing gear, you need at least 0 LP without the buff.
Q. What jobs should I do?
A. The best jobs you can do. Third party tools, such as TW-DB's job calculator will help you find the best XP, cash, or luck jobs you can do.​
Q. Why am I not getting an XP from working?
A. You're probably doing 5-minute (10 minutes on worlds with two-hour jobs) jobs, which is a bad idea, as explained above. Do at least 15 minutes (30 minutes on worlds with two-hour jobs) jobs) at a time, but working the highest duration allowed is advised just for simplicity's sake. Dividing the XP from low XP difficulty jobs by three will yield little, if any XP. Another possibility is that you're doing stream fishing, which is 0% XP, and will never yield any XP.​
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If your question isn't answered here, see Quests at West Stats and you'll probably find the answer there.

Q. How do I find <insert name of item/product> for a quest?
A. First of all, make sure you know what you're looking for. The important thing(s) is what's given under "Requires", not Target and not the quest text. The Christmas quest "O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!" shows the following:


You need to find a tree? No, you need to find one wood. Sometimes you'll need products, which are found by doing jobs, sometimes you'll need items of gear (which are purchased in stores), and sometimes you'll need quest items, which are found as luck drops or given as rewards in other quests.

Gear can also be found on jobs, but only by luck. Products have specific jobs associated with them, which you can find by looking at West Stats' Product list. If you need a piece of gear for a quest, you're better off just buying it. See West Stats' Town trader to find the closest town to you that sells it or check the Market.​
Q. How can I find a blue bandana or black headband?

A. In this case of low-cost items such as these required for quests, it's easiest just to check the towns closest to your current location and pay the out-of-town markup. Any tailor may have a black headband and any general store a blue bandana.

Q. How do I take down posters for Maya?
A. You don't. As I said above, for all quests requiring products, all that matters is the product itself. Don't worry about any quest that implies a different job, just check Products to find out on which job a product can be acquired, in this case you need to do the job putting up posters to acquire posters.​
Q. What time is used for time-based quest requirements?
A. Server time, which is Central European Time (CET), GMT+1, the time zone of most of Western Europe.​
Q. Help! I sold my <insert irreplaceable quest item>, what can I do?
A. Contact support via Settings > Support. This only applies to irreplaceable items, like Kate's ring or Henry's parcel, not items like handcuffs which are difficult, but possible, to replace. It's easier just to not make that mistake in the first place.
Q. How do I beat <insert name of Quest NPC>?
A. First of all, adjust your stance. NPC's patterns will be the same every time you duel them. Some NPCs have random patterns, but once it's set, it'll be the same every time you duel them. Change your gear. Get the best dueling gear for your level and the best sharp or precise weapon.

The best gear depends on how you're speccing. If all of your AP are in mobility, you have good dodging, and appearance gear will help a lot. If you're pure strength, aim will help you land those hits from your vigor. If you're pure dexterity, you already have aim in addition to shooting, so wear appearance and/or dodging gear.

If you still can't beat him, level up a bit, or spam challenge. It's fastest if you don't have a town because you don't have to cancel sleep every time. Duels that must take place at a quest giver aren't possible to win by spam challenging if you belong to a town. For gear, you're counting entirely on not getting hit at all, so you want appearance and/or dodging gear. Don't get discouraged. It may take 10 tries, it may take 100, it may take 200.
Q. I dueled a quest NPC and won, why couldn't I complete the quest?
A. If the quest requirement simply states, "defeat", you just need to win the duel. If it says, "shoot", you must pass out the NPC. Despite the wording, a melee weapon works. If it says, "lose", you must lose the duel, although it's often not possible to win.
Q. Why can't I find this quest giver?
A. Quest givers are usually spawned by completing another quest, often with no requirement or reward. Just accept and complete the quest. If traveling to the quest giver is a requirement of the quest that spawned it, it will be shown as a requirement. If you just need help finding a quest giver, TW-DB has a map to locate all quest givers on ever page. Just select the desired quest giver in the drop-down menu.​
Q. Why can't I complete this quest?
A. If the quest is showing as grayed out in your quest book, it's because some secret requirement isn't met. This may be a time/day requirement, location requirement, or an item that must be equipped. As of 1.28, location requirements for most quests became completion requirements as well as acceptance requirements. This means that you must return to the quest giver to complete the quest.

Misc Quest Help Links
Kate's Wedding Band
Quests with AP/SP Rewards
The Raid
Advanced Planning for the Level 67 and 75 Quests

Adventurer Quests

Q. Where is Steve?
A. The first quest is to receive the package from Henry. Just click
to receive the package. After completing the first quest, Steve will appear on the map in all sectors as a quest giver, indicated by a white dot.​
Q. How do I complete the quests for the compass?Q. Why is the quest "What's that smell?" no longer available?
A."What's that smell?" is a sub-quest of "Supplies". Once you complete the latter, the former is no longer available. Note: You don't need to collect three salmon for each quest, but three total. Completing "What's that smell?" does consume the salmon, but the salmon will then be shown as grayed out, indicating the requirement has been fulfilled, on "Supplies".​
Q. Where can I find whiskey?
A. It comes from the job mercenary work. If you need it for the adventurer quest "Supplies", which I assume you do if you're looking here, it also comes from a sub-quest of "Supplies" from Mugridge. Check him again after accepting "Supplies" and you'll have two new quests.​
Q. How do I trade with Indians?
A. Trading with Indians is just another job. It has the same skills as trading (set traps, 2x trading, 2x appearance) and 223 difficulty.​
Soldier Quests

Q. Where can I find Thomas in the quest of the same name?
A. Check the four possible locations on the edges of the map.

[spoil]He's always at his girlfriend's, which is to the south.[/spoil]​
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Q. How is dueling level (DL) calculated?
A. Your cumulative XP earned in duels determines the number that is added to your character level (CL). See this post for a table.​
Q. Who can I duel?
A. As help explains, to be able to duel someone, both players must be able to receive experience from the following formula without taking motivation into account:

Experience points = (7 * dueling level of the loser) - (5 * Dueling level of the winner) + 5
The winner receives at least 5 experience points.​

For more information, I made a spreadsheet to help determine who is duelable. It might not be 100% accurate, but it should be close enough. You can download it here.​
Q. How can I stop from being dueled?
A. There are only three ways to guarantee you're never dueled: leave town, sleep all the time, or be KOed, which gives 48 hours dueling protection. The latter doesn't apply to NPC duels (quest or from the Duel tab) or being KOed in a fort battle. Besides that, the best you can do is try to make yourself a less tempting target. Get the best defensive dueling gear for your level and the best sharp or precise weapon, or named or golden weapon. Stop carrying around excessive amounts of cash and try not to spend too much time idle.
Q. How can I win duels as a challenger?
A. Unless you duel only very weak targets, you won't win if you aren't specced purely for dueling. You also don't want to spread your SP around too much, i.e. spending SP on appearance, tactics, dodging, reflex, and toughness. You want to specialize. As with defensive dueling, you want the best gear and sharp, precise, named, or golden weapon for your level. See Guide to Dueling for more detailed advice.

Q. My town doesn't have a mortician, how could I be dueled?

A. A mortician is only required to initiate duels. Not having one doesn't protect you from being dueled.

Q. I was asleep, how could I be dueled?

A. As of 1.30, you can be dueled within 45 minutes of challenging someone to a duel.

Q. I don't have a town, how could I be dueled?

A. If there's a bounty on you, you can be dueled even if you have no town. Once the bounty is gone, you're safe as bounties can't be placed on people without towns. If you've never been a member of a town, you probably received a bounty for opening an Advent calendar door early last Christmas.​
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Q. How do I join a town?
A. You first need an invitation. Go to the town recruitment boards for your world in Game world(s). Either look through the different threads for towns that are recruiting or post in the "Are you looking for a town?" thread in the recruiting section. If you're interested in a specific town, look at their profile for recruiting information.

If they have a specific contact mentioned, send him or her a telegram. If they don't give a contact, you can ask any founder (black hat) or councilor (gray hat). You can find them by clicking Town Hall > Residents. Tell them why they should invite you, don't just say "Can I please join your town?" or you'll probably be ignored. You can copy and paste the application from the "Are you looking for a town?" thread.

Once you have an invitation, click the "Town" button on the left side of your game window and click "Show invitations". There will also be a link to the Invitation window in any report informing you of an invitation. Finally, if you currently belong to a town, the Invitations window can be accessed by clicking the Invitations icon in Town Hall > Residents (below). If you have an invitation, click the green check mark to join or red "X" to decline.


Q. How do I found my own town?
A. First, you must not currently be a member of a town, or you won't even see the found town icon (below). To found a town, you need 80 energy and $300, and it takes 8 hours, regardless of the world's work durations. All you need to do is click the icon, name the town, and click the Construction button.

Q. Should I found my own town?
A. If you're new, probably not. It's best to join a town first and make some friends in the game, plus get a feel for how towns work, and wait until the next world to found a town. Running a town and recruiting members is a lot of work and should not be taken lightly. If you wish to build your own town, that is your prerogative. Without connections in the game, you should probably spec construction and be prepared to build the town yourself. Many people enjoy building a town solo, and you may as well.
Q. How do I take over a ghost town?
A. The cost is the same as founding a town, and you must also not be a member of a town. Click the ghost town to open the window, enter a name for the town, and click the "OK" button.
Q. Who should build?
A. It is highly preferable that only pure builders do the building, as the more LP a player has in constructing a building, the more construction points will be earned for a given duration, so more construction skill will get you more construction points for the same length of time. On more established worlds, any high level pure strength builds, or better still pure strength and high leadership fort fighter builds, can do as well as low level builders, plus they'll have access to better gear.

Q. How do I travel to a town?
A. There are several ways.
  1. Click the
    in the center foreground of the town window.
  2. Click the signpost icon (as above) in any shop window.
  3. Schedule sleep in the town's hotel. Keep in mind you won't actually be in the town until the timer reaches 8 hours and you actually begin sleep.
Q. How much money can the bank hold?
A. There's no longer a limit to how much you can deposit. Limits have been replaced by the deposit fee. [1.26]
Q. Can I withdraw money from the town treasury?
A. No. Once it's deposited, there's no way to withdraw it. It can be used for building town buildings, founding a fort (although all locations are already taken in current worlds), or initiating a fort battle.​
Q. What can town founders and councilors do?
A. Founders: Invite people to the town, promote town members to councilor and founder, demote people from founder to councilor and councilor to member, rename the town, edit the town profile and flag, create and delete town forum sections, moderate town forums, found forts, invite and kick towns from forts they own, rename forts, edit fort profiles and flags, initiate fort battles, delete products from fort resource stocks, and unlock fort building levels.

Councilors: As above, but they can only promote to and demote from councilor, and they can moderate town forums but not create or delete sections.

Warning: Never promote anyone to founder unless you trust them implicitly, because they can kick you and steal your town. As you can see above, there's almost no reason to promote anyone to founder, because there's very little a founder can do than a councilor cannot.
Q. How do I get money out of the bank?
A. There's no legitimate reason to withdraw money. Money in the bank is as good as cash on hand and can be used for anything that cash on hand can be used for, e.g. shopping, depositing money in the town or fort treasury, sleeping in hotels, founding a town or taking over a ghost town, etc.
Q. What happens to my money in the bank when I leave town?
A. It stays in the bank and you still have access to it as before. [1.26]
Q. Is there anyway to avoid banking fees?
A. The only way to deposit without fees is by spending 10 nuggets to deposit your money for no fee, no matter your current location, or a worker with premium character advantage pays no fees in his town's bank if it's fully built. Fees can be avoided by not selling unneeded items until the cash is needed or by leaving cash from Market sales in the market until the cash is needed.
Q. If my town doesn't have a mortician, can I still be dueled?
A. Yes. This question, and many others, are answered in [wiki=Category:Basic Info]Help[/wiki].

The mortician is needed to challenge other players to a duel. If your town does not have a mortician, you cannot challenge anyone, but you can still be challenged by other players.
Q. How do I leave my town?
A. Town Hall > Residents > Leave town (in the lower right corner). Keep in mind that each time you leave a town, two hours is added to the time you must wait to join another town.


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Q. How do I pick up the item I bought?
A. Open any town's market and go to Bids for Purchase. You must be travel to the town where the item was sold, or pay 10 nuggets to have the item delivered. Never use the seller's name, always click the distance shown, which links the town, and queue travel to the town via the town window. Once you're in the town, click the
to pick up the item, or click it anywhere to pay 10 nuggets. If you've traveled to the town and it's still asking if you want to spend nuggets, you've either traveled to the wrong town, or your location hasn't updated. The latter is most common with your own town's market after traveling to town by being passed out. You may need to refresh the window to update your location.

Q. How do I pick up the cash for an item I sold?
Q. How do I pick up an item that didn't sell?

A. As above, you must travel to the town where the item was posted, or you can spend nuggets. These actions are done in the Sales Offers tab of any town's market, and otherwise works exactly as above. Once in the town, click the
to pick up the cash for a sold item or the
to pick up an item that didn't sell, once it has expired.​
Q. Why is the distance to the town where I bought an item showing null?
A. The town has become a ghost town. You can still pick up any item purchased from the town's market by clicking the
icon in the ghost town window.​
Q. What does You cannot bid above the allowed price mean?
A. It's referring to the limits on market prices implemented with 1.31. In the case of shop buyable items, the limit is the external buy price, or four times a town member's buy price. If an auction has no Immediate purchase price and bidding reaches this limit, no more bids may be placed but the auction will still run until it expires.

Q. Why couldn't my bid be placed?
A. If an auction shows only an Immediate purchase price and just a "—" under Current bid, the Immediate purchase price is the only possible bid, although you can also bid above the Immediate purchase price, as long as it's below the maximum price for a store buyable item.

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In The game W6(GM) East & West point Dont Visiable for me, I cant find this, The white dot is visiable in the map but when it is normal mode i cant see that tw o points, Pls help me out of that. Thanks


Try hard refreshing the game

crtl+F5, if that doesn't work: shut of all scripts and try again!


As long as you have the white dot, they're there. You should be able to click it even if you can't see the questgiver.


Can you explain me one thing regarding chance of finding an item. We only see that bar filled with yellow (about one quarter of it) how much percent do we have to find an item during a job exactly??


24% at the maximum duration. This can be made higher by being an adventurer or by wearing the holiday or collectors set.


24% at the maximum duration. This can be made higher by being an adventurer or by wearing the holiday or collectors set.

But is affected by motivation, so basically max without holiday set or advent class is 22,56% (because it takes motivation into consideration, the one you lose during your first shift).


I was advised in below post to actually read THE OP!! That is valuable information :).

*slaps forehead*


(PS i did glance over it, however, I did not see the droids I was looking for)
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Can I ask a question?
why are you guys talking about ideas and version what you guys need to do is to advertise the west on the internet havent u seen the players are quitting the game and last week 60k ppl played the west and this week it drops at 59k the first time i played this game i saw the player amount at 90k so please tell me whats going on