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I seriously think that they are doing well in making a great game. Or at least that's why I am here. I don't use to waste my time with stupid things (or stupid people...although it takes some time to get it's the waste).

Sasha Mkai

Well I have no idea what you meant at the end so if I am one of those stupid people I'm sorry. And although I do believe they are making a good game it is just extremely irritating when they make it harder on themselves by screwing something up. So shoot me if I am sarcastic at times. I am hanging in there and giving them a chance to fix things. And if you have never been upset with them then more power to you. I shall aspire to be just like you. Perfect in all ways.


**shoots sasha ^^**

im sorry...but its also irritating when you think your perfect...

they are only humans who made mistakes and to screw something up doesnt mean that they would make a way to fix it...