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i don't see anything funny about it...and you know what...your such a loser...worrying about how you can't advance a level for a short time just let me think you can't manage your character... i think you should be the one to have advance in tactics not your char. :p

-and FYI Gem is just being responsible-

Being concerned about someones use of the english language is petty. The vast majority of users posting here dont like the changes, and if 'profanity', a part of the english language concerns you then really you need to get a life. Kids and adults alike use these words to describe their distaste, and yes I am concerned with the changes. Websters dictonary has all the words that have been used in this thread as words in the english language, but I guess your sensitive self would prefer not to see them in print. It is called freedom of expression. So sorry that I offended you, and I guess we will have to disagree on the banning of people who use strong language as being irresponsible, I prefer the word passionate, something I hope the designers might have been hoping for. guess not.
But thank you anyways for your thoughts. Always love a good debate. But would disagree with your conclusion that I am a loser. Still waiting to get banned. Good day!!! LOL!:nowink:


zingerlicious, i agree with you. Some discussions use words that are NOT offensive. Like "hey, this si crap". Or "this is a stupid update". These are not in any way inapropiate language.
About the updates. As i wrote before, me and many others, there is a lot of dislike in this modifications


I don't really have a problem with the changes. I am however extremely offended at the gratuitous and repeated use of the word c****e. In my culture it is extremely offensive! As for the so-called developers, they can stuff their gorganzola up their mozzarella. They went to all this effort to chedder quite a lot of people off, whilst totally ignoring the things that they really want in the game. What a bunch of roqueforts!


I GOT YOUR FETA RIGHT HERE ULTHOR!!! LOL!! The only real negative i see in this patch was the resetting of needed skills for jobs. this totally ruins most character builds. i agree that a skill reset or a free trip to the shaman is in order. Anyone ever heard of famunda?


You might have problems with all of these jobs, but I actually did found a few benefits. Some jobs now have higher xp, wages, and luck. I actually like building railroad stations. It has once 41% xp but now its has changed to 47% xp. Sadly I can't do repairing covered wagons and beaver hunt anymore. If I could wish for a new update, I think they should lower the skill points required to do jobs like exploration, building windmillls, trading wih Indians, transport ammunition and building bridges. They are just making the quests for level 30 and above seemingly impossible to complete at the level when those quests are given since the jobs associated with those are way too hard and way to demanding for skill points. They should work that out so we can finish quests more easily. I wonder what should be the 4 division of the quests. I still don't see any sign of it.

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I Think no one has spotted this but they did say at least thisn is what iread that jobs now MOVE AROUND DO JUST NOW you may not have good jobs but you may soon in the future i have lost beaver hunt and building bridge :( but now have straightinnig river :)

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I have found a better way to express myself concerning these changes without being derogatory or down right insulting. I suppose it's just lack of expression and lack of vocabulary.

I'm over the location of jobs, but I, like practically everyone else, am upset over losing jobs especially when you have set your skills accordingly to get those jobs. Now they are unaccessible and don't look like I can gain access any time soon. That was not a very smart move IMO. That is why I still believe that these changes are geared to slow us down while those much higher in lvl thrive. It's not very respectable and I am sure they have lost a lot of money from previous Premium folks (like myself who will no longer pay) and future Premium players. I hope no one is paying for this manipulation anymore.

This game is geared for the devs and them only and they will change it frequently to be sure that we can't touch them.


I like "Constructing a ranch house" it's right beside my town. I feel bad for some other though for my town it seems the job placement is so much better overall most of the jobs I did are closer now where only one is way farther

I still think with the difficilty changes they should give us some free shaman points. So we can move like 20-30 skills around for free.

In World Of Warcraft whenever Blizzard changed all skill benifit they let everyone redo all there stats so they could set it based on changes.


Now, as they apparently had to change the job locations, couldn't they have done it with some kind of AI instead of totally random?

Picking sugar cane = just next to my town.
Shining shoes = in the middle of nowhere, at least 15 mins from the nearest town.

Okey, I admit. I've never been a shoe shiner IRL, so I honestly don't know for sure, but I think I'd stayed in my town (or at very near it) when looking for potential customers...


Just keeping with the spirit of role play :) This isn't to be taken as fact from the designers.
All I was saying that things change...it's how we deal with it that's important. I'm an optimist...a company doesn't look to alienate it's entire base. And, I'm sure EVERYONE is still logging in and playing.

Well, maybe not everyone, but you get the idea :)
I see, but it wouldn't be bad idea at all, what ya think? Imagine towns fighting for juicy jobs nearby. ;)


Sorry I quoted some post without past context. What i have meant is the idea when jobs were not permanent at their place.
For example Building Railroad station - this job arrives near by your town. All who can do it jump there and start "building the station" earning very nice XP and some cash. Over some time, the station is "built", and the job disappears.
Or Cutting Trees - a forest gets all exhausted and there is nothing more to cut.
Jobs would need some bar, indicating how many % of it is done.

With this idea, combined with duels being initiated and happening directly at any place where both players involved in a duel must be sitting, you would get completely new gameplay. People and whole towns could fight for "their" jobs, for the right of doing the job. Whenever some stranger came over and queued 2 hours at the place, fighters would jump at him and attacked / killed him.

Tensleep McCrea

....which they promised to implement at some point.... didn't they? The town war thing, that is.