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  1. Gem

    Gem Guest

    May I please remind you all, using bad language is against the rules. Any profanity I see I will immediately give you an infraction and remove the words.

    This thread has been the worst thread for language I have seen in my time at the west. Please help improve it.
  2. mdntranger

    mdntranger Guest

    Couple of observations:

    1. Jobs don't last forever...streams get played out, all the wood is cut down, forts get overrun, etc. I actually like that they made the change along with the new changes. As mentioned earlier, keeps things fresh.

    2. From what I've read in history, The West was pretty much a lot of wide open spaces. I don't care if it takes an additional 30 min or so to get to a job...I don't sit in front of the PC and wait that entire time. I set my queue and go on about my business. Now, I just have to make a mental note that I have to check in a little later to update my queue.

    3. Skill change on existing jobs....I can understand that arguement, especially if you spent your points specifically to do that particular job. To put it in perspective, I'll view it as the job requirements changed. For instance, the foreman came through and didn't like that we were only digging 4 ft. deep graves....he wants them 6 ft. deep. It's a little harder to dig those graves as you have to go deeper, perhaps through some gravel/rock, bracing the sides to prevent collapse, etc.

    Ultimately, it's just a game. Everyone hates change, but change is what makes things interesting. Given enough time, I'm sure everyone can find something new to their liking.
  3. sdjx22

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    Sep 26, 2008
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    Spot on mate.
  4. byter

    byter Guest

    hmm your right we will just have to accept the change but its goona be

    hard ,i was 10 points away from "robbing settlers"
    now i cant even c the job which means its difficulty was raised at least by 100
  5. defender7

    defender7 Well-Known Member

    Nov 11, 2008
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    From what Ive read in history, there was no sugarcane "picking" in the west.
    Sugarcane is only grown in tropical and subtropical regions with ample rainfall amounts.
    "Hey Hoss, lets round up some a them thar sugarcanes":blink:
  6. mironto

    mironto Guest

    Moving jobs is not that bad as changing the points needed to work on a job. I was doing a quest and sudenly in the middle of a quest I am -33 labor points? I need to work my butt off for another 10 levels just to finish the quest? What fun does that bring into the game?
  7. Heyshutup

    Heyshutup Guest

    this game blows now they ruined my towns location and now i cant beaver hunt which was my main money maker! bad enough they did all that crap but now I cant beaver hunt which was my best damn money maker. This game sucks now im thinking about quitting.
  8. gamingyoda

    gamingyoda Guest

    i'd only just got silver mining on w4 now it and trading with indians are harder and can't do them completely unfair. =:)mad:
  9. TimeWalker

    TimeWalker Guest

    Just another worthless job.. 126 labor points on it and..........

    Shining shoes


    2 hours [​IMG] $ 12 [​IMG] 4 Experience points [​IMG] [​IMG]2
  10. lokiju

    lokiju Guest

    I like the update. Yes it moved jobs further away - i say i need to travel on average 2x as much. But it show that things are evolving in this game.
    But i havent noticed any new quests. And the old quests that needed some tuning - like when you need 15 gold (can get only while doing ~lv8-10 job with 17% chance) in level 39 quest.
  11. oze6000

    oze6000 Guest

    Didn't work out horribly for me. I was aiming to do catch horses cause it was like two minutes away, instead it moved far away and shoeing horses showed up nearby, which i could actually do. Gemstones and carving out claims moved a little bit further away but breaking in horses came a little bit closer, which has similar skills to shoeing horses.

    Things changed but after a little bit of looking around i saw that instead of purely money jobs nearby some exp jobs moved closer, I know i got lucky but there has to be some good that you can exploit in the update.
  12. cathalog0

    cathalog0 Guest

    I agree, I really think this blows.

    At the same time, moving jobs around isn't so bad. As long as it's done regularly (every month).

    This gives all towns a chance of having the jobs they want near them...

    Who agrees?
  13. Nepherius

    Nepherius Guest

    hmm its seems most of you dont like the update .. well the jobs that were around my town were good but know most of them are rly good :)).It was a nice surprise to login today and see so many good jobs there were less than 1 minute away.
  14. RAYfighter

    RAYfighter Guest

    Are you there just meditating about possible storyline reasons for moving jobs, or you saw that somewhere as the fact? When there is the Cutting Trees job in that forest below my town (example), it will eventually dissappear soon or later since the forest gets exhausted?
    Or with Building Railroad Station the station gets built and the job dissappears?
    And new jobs randomly arrive?
  15. I dont know if i liked the update or not. I know I was able to do a couple of jobs and then when I logged in, I couldnt do some of the jobs I could before. I guess there are pros and cons to the update. The game is fun none the less.:)
  16. TimeWalker

    TimeWalker Guest

    I've found like 1 pro and about a dozen cons on each world so far.. there are supposed to be new quests.. none to be found

    and for what gem hinted at you need to either have or equip some products.. well I'm a major packrat unless I need cash so I have tons of different ones on me
  17. hpkmm

    hpkmm Guest

    I kinda like it because now there are new jobs and possibly going to be new quest. Yea some of the good jobs might have changed but I always am like 20 minutes away from my town doing good jobs. And the screen seems clearer and when you try to click and move it doesn't lag on you.
  18. Someone had a brain fart obviously. Good Job Morons!!!!

    :mad:Stupid, bull crap is what I say. Jobs that I have done for over 20 days like trading no longer available to me. And of course everything moved around. Is this supposed to keep me interested some how? Like there isnt hundreds of games like this online. I for one am pissed. And I am really impressed with how there has been no response to any of the comments left by people here. We obviously dont like the change. and it is unfair. Hey designers try going to google and typing in the west. Thats how important this game is. lol. I have been a loyal player for sometime now. I think that is going to change. feel free to cancel my account. boo friggin hoo!!!!:p
  19. sylis25

    sylis25 Guest

    i think the new jobs are cool. is an extra 10-15 min really that big of a deal?
  20. TimeWalker

    TimeWalker Guest

    YESS!!!!!!!!!! multiply it by 4 for your example.. or 3 hours extra a day just to do my jobs on w2 that is how far they moved my jobs