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  1. wat the cheese this update is stupid all jobs are moved

    now my both towns in diff worlds have no jobs near this is cheesing stupid
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  2. CraZ

    CraZ Guest

    My thoughts exactly. they stuck us with some crappy beginners jobs :mad:
  3. PoisonApple

    PoisonApple Guest

    Actually I felt the same way whilst exploring the map on the 2 worlds I play too.

    I felt that the number of (the same) jobs have decreased on the map hence making them farther from each other.

    Previously having to travel 7 mins to build railroad stations from town, right now I have to travel 28 mins.

    The only thing I hope is that they have spaced out the jobs from every town in a fair manner and not where some towns are adversely affected whilst some are advantaged because most of us founded our towns based on proximity to jobs.
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  4. stupid

    like i only put my town were i put it because woodcutting and mining was near town has like 1000 pts and now might have to make new town this is cheesing stupid like

    they leave tobacco ,cottonn and **** near me

    all good jobs gone like why ??
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  5. TimeWalker

    TimeWalker Guest

    E-BEEEEEPING-actly I've been hit hard on every world especially hard on world 2(builder) where I had building bridges building windmills and building railrode stations all within 15 mins of town and about 5 mins from each-other.. now I can no longer build windmills and they are all about 20 mins from each other in different direction from the town... and dont get me started on world 1 and 3 where I could trade with indians not only moved but of course I can no longer do the jobs for about 5 levels
  6. Zalastian

    Zalastian Guest

    I agree, its absolute cheese!
    I chose the location of my town based on the available jobs around it, now i have crap jobs around it and a hell of a trek to the ones that earn a decent wage.
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  7. i think update cool

    but 1 QUESTION

  8. Ulthor

    Ulthor Guest

    makes you wonder why they went to such trouble to just randomly reward or punish players.
  9. i know .i know

    i loved this game

    now i just feel like not playin anymore
  10. enike329

    enike329 Guest

    bad update

    bad bad bad
    i choose the place my town for near jobs, now the near jobs are cheese
    the update must to be for best play, not for cheese the players
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  11. angelaiah013

    angelaiah013 Well-Known Member

    Nov 2, 2008
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    nah... i think it will come back to normal soon...
  12. PoisonApple

    PoisonApple Guest

    The good side of the update is that quite a few old jobs have better xp or cash. You can compare some of them.

    I am not sure if they are increased fairly across all "character types" though - ie what main jobs each character class bases their xp and money gains on.

    And there is a new selection of jobs that make life a teeny weensy bit less boring for those who have lesser and lesser quests to complete past level 30.

    I think it is still early days to decide if the changes impact overall gameplay greatly.

    I do like the bigger /smaller town dots on the map tho :)
  13. Lone Ranger

    Lone Ranger Guest

    All my towns have been stripped of the good jobs. This complaint seems to be rather prominent with most founders. I too find this one to be the frustrating since most of us planned out location according to our best jobs. Now, instead of a 10 minute travel back and forth, it's now an hour to get to Claims.

    For the most part, I find the changes to be ok (not including losing jobs you previously had access to). Most jobs are too far below me to worry about, but if they include them in Quests, they better be worth the trouble.
  14. CraZ

    CraZ Guest

    This is the worst update so far and I really think they should get the jobs to be normal again.
  15. angelaiah013

    angelaiah013 Well-Known Member

    Nov 2, 2008
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    what's the use of the horse/donkey if you have good jobs on your map and the only thing you have to do is pick
    -no more taking a look at the map...
  16. PoisonApple

    PoisonApple Guest

    I doubt they would reverse the change though CraZ.

    This update was implemented with the purpose to "even things out" it seemed. I don't know how "even" it is right now but I guess we have time to find out.

    Yeah, I am quite peeved with the job change locations but perhaps they force us to upgrade to better mounts instead of sticking to our trusty ole donkey or pony? :unsure:
  17. with the jobs having done this they should make train stations in each town so people can go to jobs near other towns
  18. Tobababy

    Tobababy Guest

    update 1.15: well change all of your characters stats. dont worry, were the developers, we know whats best for you...
  19. TimeWalker

    TimeWalker Guest

    CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my best jobs with top end animal moved 23 mins away from me

    I had on w2 granite mineing.. laying railrod tracks and installing fence outside my door...now I have sawing wood I had building railroad station building windmills(which I can no longer do) and building bridges all about 15 mins from town in ONE direction.. now they are all 20+ mins away in different directions and no I didn't get any decent jobs to replace them...

    I've lost trading with indians on 2 worlds and even on those two world they have moved further away

    on world 5 after spending countless hours searching for the perfect spot working my butt off to be sure I was able to found it they have moved just about every job replaced none of em with better(more widely doable jobs) we had things like coal mineing and prospecting under 2 mins from town and now one is 23 mins away and the other is 28 mins away

    I can no longer do trading which I had +3 in now I'm -15 in it.. the guy doing coaling mining it was 2 mins.. now he can no longer do it either and it's 28 mins.. this update just SUCKS
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