Update: Version 2.42


We are currently planning on applying the patch to version 2.42 on Tuesday, September 13th. Please keep in mind and that the date, time and content of the patch are subject to change.


New Oktoberfest quest-line: "Oktoberfest is coming" (repeatable quest-line)
The mayor tasked Henry Walker with an important mission: to organize this year official Oktoberfest Event! Henry is honored, but there is so much to do... will you be able to assist Henry with the preparations and be on time for the official start of the event?
This quest-line contains 12 quests and is available for every player who already finished the quest "Showdown (Save the saloon, part 2)".
For finishing the final quest the achievement "Oktoberfest is coming" which will grant you the title "Master of Event".
This new quest-line will be available on Beta from September 7th and only for a limited time!

Balancing changes to Fort Battles
A few changes have been made to fort battles in order to improve the balance between attackers and defenders as well as between all four classes. We also worked on decreasing the importance of health and on bringing the maximum attacker to defender ration closer to 1:1.
  • Stamina and hiding for attackers and defenders respectively are swapped with hiding and setting traps.
  • The flag and surrounding sectors provide no penalty to defenders.
  • The flag has a penalty of -10 and the surrounding sectors -5, halved from before.
  • Aiming and dodging add x^0.5 to attack and defend values instead of x^0.4.
  • Workers receive an overall 20% bonus to their attack and defend values instead of 30% from sector bonuses only.

Some items and sets were changed to correspond with the new skills.
More information available on the DevBlog: http://devblog.the-west.net/?p=1523
A time limited quest-line will give you a free reimbursement of the fort battle skills in order to redistribute the points accordingly.

Quest "Find the Kelly" in "The Colcord Story"
The quest "Find the Kelly" was missing one finish requirement asking to travel a distance of 5000 before to complete the quest.


Quest “Taking” in “The Raid”
The rewards of the quest “Taking” (level 84) were changed by mistake and have been reverted back to what they should be (money and 1 free skill point).

Wrong items in the Tonic peddler's bag
Golden figures and Train tickets could be found in the Tonic peddler's bag although they aren't used in any tonic peddler's recipe. They have now been removed from the bag.

Referral links did not work
It was no longer possible to register to the game through the referral links generated in the game.

We hope you like the changes this update brings to the game. As always we are looking forward to your feedback! https://forum.the-west.net/index.php?threads/version-2-42-discussion.57220/

Best regards
Your The West Team