Update: Version 2.36

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We are planning on applying the patch to version 2.36 on Tuesday, June 14th. Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the patch are subject to change.

New quest-line: "Mission un-passible"https://jira.innogames.de/browse/WEST-10919
John has a special mission for you! Can you beat the Gang?
A new quest-line containing 14 quests is now available for all players level 132 or higher.
When finishing the final quest, the achievement "KUCKUNNIWI" will grant you the title "Little Wolf" as a reward.

A new unique item which will be given out for the Hollywest winners (Places 1-3 and market winners)

+2 Dexterity
+0,2 Tactics (per Level)

Achievement of the category Adventures was set as the 32nd achievement but not obtainable
Unfortunately a 32nd achievement of the Adventure category was visible in-game but not obtainable for players, therefore we removed it.

Ignoring yourself was possible in the chat
It was possible to ignore yourself in the chat which obviously was not intended.

Quest 1129 "Common sense" could not be fulfilled with the bonus of a Mojo
While using a Mojo to fulfill the quest requirements it was not fully recognized by the quest and so it could happen that the quest could not be completed with this ongoing bonus.

Saloon displayed wrong experience and duel experience for duels
The amount of experience and duel experience which can be gained from a duel should now be shown correctly in the Saloon.

Sometime it was possible to finish the "Brewing bad" quest-line after the first quest
This issue has been fixed and should not happen anymore.

Problems with apostrophes in the quest book
Apostrophes were only shown with a numeric code in the quest book.

We hope you like the changes this update brings to the game. As always we are looking forward to your feedback!

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Your The West Team