Update Traveling Fair

Raise amounts to Products & Constructions & Bonds for Traveling Fair. My Lord, New Gear has surpassed Traveling Fair by leaps & bounds. What use to be a 2-3 day accomplishment is now done within a few hours excluding several players from even participating. This should not be hard to change and far over due.

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I agree; in particular it now heavily discriminates against those who aren't online at 02:00 every day.

I think it should have 4 phases every 6 hours (or after each phase is complete, whichever comes later -- basically like having to build it 25%, 4 times) dividing the materials requirement by 2 and the construction requirement by 4


Nothing more frustrating than logging in to see the fair is finished before I even knew it stated. Inno needs to rotate the fair construction start times to be fair to all players.


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Reset the server clocks completely. Arizona on GMT, Brisco on GMT+1, Colorado on GMT+2, Dakota on GMT+3, etc. That will help cure the Fair, but also help a lot of other timed quests and events.


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what are these prizes.. what the rarest prize to get is the worst prize to get..

do you see what are the prizes in all the category's??

their all junk

we been telling yall to update the fair for years.. why cant ya do it already.. not even that hard