Update to version 2.60



We are planning on applying the patch to version 2.60 on Tuesday, August 15th. Please keep in mind and that the date, time and content of the patch are subject to change.


Independence Day sets
The items of the following sets are now auctionable, tradeable and upgradeable:
  • Francisco Pizarro's set
  • Juan Ponce de Leon's set
  • Benjamin Franklin's set
Implementation of Fort Battle rankings
Finally one of the most frequently requested features found its way into the game: A ranking for fort fighters!

You can access it by clicking on a new tab in the ranking list window. Next to the player's position number and name, the fort battle ranking shows you different statistics about the player's impact in fort battles and the name of her/his alliance. Unlike other popular fort battle rankings maintained by community projects, this ranking considers not just the damage values in order to weigh the player's performance, but a mixture of statistics. The fort battle score, which is used to sort the players in the ranking, is calculated as follows:

Score = (Total damage / 200) + (Total taken hits + total dodges) * adventurer's factor
The adventurer's factor is 1.75 for players that chose adventurer as a character class and 1.0 for all other players.

We have undertaken a lot of different tests with this formula and improved it until it appeared to be well-balanced. After the update has finished it will probably need some time (Up to one hour) until the current ranking is displayed correctly.


Extra bonus for the Flintlock set
For wearing all the items of the Flintlock set you will now benefit with an extra experience bonus of 20%.

We hope you like the changes this update brings to the game. As always we are looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards
Your The West Team