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Feedback Update to version 2.173

Goober Pyle

The West Team
Fort Balancing Strategist
Some really low level not upgradeable items became even more powerful than upgraded set items such as Brown Knickerbockers which has bonuses like 0.36-0.32-0.38 while +1 Mclaughin pants has flat 0.33. Soon you wont get to sell any overtuned dueling sets on DOTD lol.

Yeah... they’ll need to add creative new set bonuses like “+200 horse riding in duels”

roland jacobs

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Is the update going to change the adventure win requirement for Easter Event 2021? And yes, I'm going to ask this for every update from now until the requirement changes or this game gets shut down.
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As previously said, the sets were available on Beta a week prior to the event where players were able to provide feedback and changes they would like to see made. All of the feedback that was provided there [ before the event started on live server] has been implemented. Once the event started on live servers, we cannot make any changes to any sets. The Perry hat will not be changed.
the feedback thats provided is always ignored so idk why you bring up the feedback in beta. yall ignore it 99% of the time..
just update the hat and be over with it.. it dosnt change any huge .. its not going to be overkill like union or anything.. idk why you guys even made it .5 in the first place .. at least tie shouldve had it not hat

Kidd Kalypso

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I always appreciate uprading the skills of the store clothes, but I also wonder of the reason of not being able to upgrade them. I am sure there is some inno logic to that.....smfh.