Update to Version 2.149


We are currently planning on updating the game to version 2.149 on Tuesday, May 11th. Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the update are subject to change

Easter Event sets
Our Easter event sets: Michael O'Rourke, Bill Brocius and Johnny Behan have become auctionable and upgradeable.

Crafting mini-event 2021
We have prepared a new crafting mini-event for you. More information will come soon in a separate announcement.

Old head item improvements
Continuing our old item improvements, we have rebalanced some other older head items.
IconNameNew bonus
Yang's Hat+0.01 charisma
+0.19 Fine Motor Skills
+0.19 appearance
Bunny ears+0.01 Mobility
+0.19 Animal Instict
Cupid's locks+0.51 Appearance
Freeman's hat+0.51 Vigor
+0.45 Reflex
+0.45 Appearance
+0.38 Toughness
Doc's hat+0.51 Shooting
+0.45 Aiming
+0.45 Tactics
+0.38 Dodging
Cartwright's hat+0.51 Hiding
+0.51 Trading
+0.48 Construction
+0.48 Appearance
Party hat+0.38 Hiding
Grey headband+0.1 Trading
Geronimo's headband+0.51 Health
+0.51 Leadership
+0.51 Tactics
Christopher's parade hat+0.45 Construction
+0.45 Reflex
+0.51 Shooting
Will Munny's Hat+0.51 Leadership
+0.38 Hiding
+0.45 Setting Traps
+0.45 Aiming
Jeremiah Johnson's hat+0.51 Leadership
+0.38 Hiding
+0.45 Setting Traps
+0.45 Dodging
Elfego Baca's hat+0.38 Vigor
+0.48 Hiding
+0.51 Swimming
+0.43 Shooting
Starter headband+0.28 Dodging
Hat of Independence+0.01 Strength
+0.01 Mobility
+0.38 Stamina
+0.38 Toughness
+0.51 Horseback Riding
Frank Eaton's Hat+0.51 Aiming
+0.38 Tactics
+0.45 Appearance
+0.45 Dodging
George McJunkin's Hat+0.51 Dodging
+0.38 Hiding
+0.45 Setting Traps
+0.45 Health Points
King Fisher's Hat+0.38 Construction
+0.48 Repairing
+0.51 Shooting
+0.43 Leadership
Traditional Bavarian Hat+0.01 Dexterity
+0.01 Charisma
+0.38 Hiding
+0.38 Setting Traps
+0.51 Toughness
Halloween hat+0.01 Dexterity
+0.59 Dodging
+0.59 Toughness
+0.59 Repairing
Witch hat+0.01 Charisma
+0.45 Appearance
+0.45 Animal Instinct
+0.45 Trading
Fancy headband+0.01 Strength
+0.01 Mobility
+0.1 Stamina
Nana's headband+0.01 Mobility
+0.28 Construction
+0.1 Health Points
+0.28 Hiding
Yellow cap+0.28 Toughness
+0.28 Animal Instinct
Blue cap+0.28 Toughness
+0.28 Shooting
Green cap+0.28 Toughness
+0.28 Hiding

We hope you like the changes this update brings to the game. As always we are looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,
Your The West Team