Update to Version 2.140


The West Team
Community Manager

We are currently planning on updating the game to version 2.140 on December 15th. Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the update are subject to change.

Farmer's, Charlatan's and Greenhorn sets
Farmer's, Charlatan's and Greenhorn sets have been improved.

Day of The Dead items are auctionable
J. Cortina's and G. Cortez's sets now are auctionable.

Golden Chest
The Golden Chest was a unique item, so it could be open only once. We changed the setting, and now it is no longer a unique item.

Recipe Book rebalancing
We have added some more recipes to the recipe book:
  • Instructions: Tinker a health puppet
  • Instructions: Mix honey
  • Instructions: Craft a honey press
  • Instructions: Build a traveling carriage

Clarification of battle hardened instincts meaning
We made more clear the meaning of battle hardened instincts for the duelist class, namely it allows you to see the bonus skill points of your opponents' equipment and weapon wield in the duel menu.

Noble chest improvement
Noble chest items have been improved, along with adding some new items from The West fan set to it.

Please note that The West fan set creation is still in progress, and therefore the new items will be added to the set with our upcoming updates when we will be ready with all new items.

IconName% of chance
Fancy pistol belt0.4%
William Tilghman's pistol belt0.4%
Fancy classy leather belt1.32%
William Roger's leather belt0.4%
Fancy hawk belt1.32%
Kit Carson's hawk belt0.4%
Fancy sigil belt1.32%
Charles Goodnight's sigil belt0.4%
Fancy wild leather belt1.32%
Daniel Boone's wild leather belt0.4%
Fancy silver buckle belt1.32%
Heck Thomas' silver buckle belt0.4%
Fancy gold ornate belt1.32%
Pawnee Bill's gold ornate belt0.4%
Fancy gold belt1.32%
James Marshall's gold belt0.4%
Fancy gem bel1.32%
Richard King's gem belt0.4%
John Grizzly Adam's adventurer jacket0.4%
Fancy soldier jacket1.32%
Cathay William's soldier jacket0.4%
Fancy confederate frock1.32%
Robert E. Lee's confederate frock0.4%
Fancy Indian wild leather jacket1.32%
Sitting Bull's Indian wild leather jacket0.4%
Fancy hide jacket1.32%
Jim Baker's hide jacket0.4%
Fancy buckskin coat1.32%
John Astor's buckskin coat0.4%
Fancy shell jacket1.32%
Ulysses Grant's shell jacket0.4%
Fancy cowboy boots1.32%
Wells-Fargo's cowboy boots0.4%
Fancy riding boots1.32%
Ben Holliday's riding boots0.4%
Fancy ankle boots1.32%
Jedediah Smith's ankle boots0.4%
Fancy jackboots1.32%
Tom Horn's jackboots0.4%
Fancy buckled boots1.32%
Cole Younger's buckled boots0.4%
Fancy trekking boots1.32%
David Crockett's trekking boots0.4%
Fancy suede boots1.32%
John Powell's suede boots0.4%
Fancy chelsea boots1.32%
George Custer's chelsea boots0.4%
Fancy brogan boots1.32%
Roy Bean's brogan boots0.4%
Fancy leather hat1.32%
Henry Newton Brown's leather hat0.4%
Fancy Stetson1.32%
Benjamin Clark's stetson0.4%
Fancy feather headdress1.32%
Geronimo's feather headdress0.4%
Fancy forage cap1.32%
William Travis' forage cap0.4%
Fancy silk cylinder1.32%
Nathaniel Bacon's silk cylinder0.4%
Fancy wide brim hat1.32%
Benjamin Brown's wide brim hat0.4%
Fancy wild leather hat1.32%
Samuel Clemens' wild leather hat0.4%
Fancy denim hat1.32%
Texas Jack's denim hat0.4%
Fancy cavalry hat1.32%
George Custer's cavalry hat0.4%
Silver buffalo1.32%
Golden buffalo0.4%
Fancy fringed scarf1.32%
Bill Pickett's fringed scarf0.4%
Fancy silk scarf1.32%
Bill Tilghman's silk scarf0.4%
Fancy bone neckband1.32%
Blue Ducks' bone neckband0.4%
Fancy amber necklace1.32%
Black Bart's amber necklace0.4%
Fancy gem leatherband1.32%
Pat Garrett's gem leatherband0.4%
Fancy heart of the prairie collar1.32%
Connie Douglas' heart of the prairie collar0.4%
John Clum's shawl0.66%
Cochise's leather pants0.4%
Buffalo Bill's leg guards0.4%
Fancy fishing pants1.32%
John Fremont's fishing pants0.4%
Fancy corduroy pants1.32%
James Bowie's corduroy pants0.4%
Fancy trader pants1.32%
Jacob Davis' trader pants0.4%
Fancy striped pants1.32%
Emmett Dalton's striped pants0.4%
Fancy silk pants1.32%
John Adams' silk pants0.4%
Wild Bill Longley's Merwin Hulbert revolver0.4%
Precise colt cloverleaf1.32%
Pony Deal's colt cloverleaf0.4%
Precise colt dragoon1.32%
John Wesley Hardin's colt dragoon0.4%
Precise colt navy revolver1.32%
Frank McNab's colt navy revolver0.4%
Clay Allison's modified musket0.4%
Modified precise breech loader1.32%
Albert Jennings Fountain's modified breech loader0.4%
Modified precise percussion rifle1.32%
Richard Brewer's modified percussion rifle0.4%
Precise double barrel shotgun1.32%
John Davis Albert's double barrel shotgun0.4%
Precise single shot rifle1.32%
John Henry Tunstall's single shot rifle0.4%
Precise trade musket1.32%
James Dolan's trade musket0.4%
Modified precise Winchester1.32%
Buckshot Robert's modified Winchester0.4%
Davy Crocket's war club0.4%
Sharp officer sabre1.32%
Meriwether Lewis' officer sabre0.4%
Sharp silver mounted knife1.32%
John Colter's silver mounted knife0.4%
Sharp nickel plated tomahawk1.32%
Chief Gall's nickel plated tomahawk0.4%
The West fan hat0.13%
The West fan pants0.13%
The West fan skirt0.13%

Steel lined box contains wrong items
Steel lined box contained one extra item and three items were missing. Childerich's saber was removed and Ike's Army revolver, Ben Holliday's riding boots, Benjamin Clark's stetson were added.

Collector cards not hidden
Stamps and Colorful gift collector cards were visible even before finding them.

We hope you like the changes this update brings to the game. If you wish to leave any feedback about this version, please leave a comment here!

Best regards,
Your The West Team


The West Team
Community Manager
Dear Cowboys and Cowgirls,

We are currently planning on updating the game to version 2.140.2 on December 21st to implement a small change. Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the update are subject to change.

Christmas pudding bonus change

After using Christmas pudding buff you may receive the ''Turn back time'' error. In order to resolve this problem, we have changed the bonuses of this buff.

IconOld bonusNew bonus
  • +100% Speed
    Uses: 10
  • +25% Money from jobs and duels
    Duration: 8 hours
  • Energy increase: 35%
  • Work motivation increase: 75%
  • Energy increase: 60%
  • Health point bonus: 60%
  • Duel motivation increase: 75%
Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
Your The West Team