Update to Version 2.107


The West Team
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We are currently planning on applying the patch to version 2.107 on Tuesday, August 20th. Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the patch are subject to change.

New Crafting

24 new recipes have been hidden in the wild west. The new instructions include items with strong buffs, collector cards or items that will be needed for new quests. From these quests, you will be able to collect weapons, which will certainly be useful in The West. The maximum number of craft points has also changed from 700 to 850.

Let's check the details:

Field cook:

  1. Cocktail
    +200 Laborpoints
    +20% Experience at duels, jobs and fortbattles
    duration: 4h

  2. Flavored Bubble Gum Pack (contain a collector card)

  3. Miners' Burger: No use effect (You will need this item for the future quest)

  4. Fruit Cocktail
    +500 regeneration
    duration : 1 hour

  5. Fertilizer
    + 100 labor points

    +30 % Improved drop chance

    duration: 8 hours

  6. Castello Cheese
    +2 Mobility

    +10 Leadership

    +120 labor points

    Uses : 3
Tonic Paddler:

  1. Wonder Tincture
    100% HP
    100% Energy
    20% motivation

  2. Metal Skull (contain a collector card)

  3. Strong Acid and Lye: No use effect (You will need this item for the future quest)

  4. Remedy against Torments
    +500 regeneration
    duration: 1 hour

  5. Import Tax Certificate
    + 50 Trading

    + 20 % Improved luck

    + 20 % Money from jobs and duels

    duration: 8 hours

  6. Dream-Catcher
    + 10% regeneration

    Duration: 8 hours

  1. Booby Trap
    +7 Attack (Fortbattlebonus)
    +7 Defense (Fortbattlebonus
    +40-60 Damage (Fortbattlebonus)
    Uses: 5

  2. Tailor's Dummy (contain a collector card)

  3. Advanced Toolbox: No use effect (You will need this item for the future quest)

  4. Hardened Steel
    +500 regeneration
    duration: 1 hour

  5. Viewfinder
    + 50-70 damages in fort battles

    + 7 Multiplayer attack

    Uses: 5

  6. Cavalry Saber
    + 2 Dexterity

    + 20 Aim

    + 10 pitfall

    Uses : 3
Master saddler:

  1. Maria Roalstad's Stagecoach
    +30% drop chance
    +30% Regeneration
    Duration: 8h

  2. Songs of The West (contain a collector card)

  3. Cloth Crate: No use effect (You will need this item for the future quest)

  4. Belt with Straps
    +500 regeneration
    duration: 1 hour

  5. Armor for the Mount
    +200% Speed instead

    Uses: 5

  6. Leather Coat
    + 4 Charisma

    + 20 Appearance

    + 10 Trading

    Uses : 3


  • Crafting achievements related to the collection card will be available from the 2.108 version.
  • 4 new crafting quests will be available with the 2.108 version.

Harvest time

The end of August and the beginning of September is harvest time. During this period, farmers and husbandmen have a lot of tasks to do and will gladly accept additional help... If you decide to work during the harvest, you will have the chance to find many interesting items hidden in the fields. And maybe you will save someone's life. The questline will be available from August, 22th. Soon we will run a community event about the Harvest time. More information coming soon.

The patriot belt and pants

The Patriot's belt and pants are not sellable and auctionable.

The patriot body items

Body items of the patriot set have the wrong minimum sell price.

Washington's belt

Washington's belt has the wrong icon.

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Thank you for playing The West!

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